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Home Alone With My Step Brother (21+) Episode 2


Home Alone With My Step Brother (21+) Episode 2


Episode 2

¬†daniel: hmmmm! Children of these days are so spoilt… Wait sef, did you say you wish to Bleep me? Are you serious about that?

Me: huh! Go away joor, I was only joking with you. How can I Bleep you na?

Daniel: anything can happen Na, since we are not related (looking at me with flirty eyes)

Me: You are crazy…. Leave my room joor.

He left my room that night, we both agreed to keep our secrets, but that night I discovered Daniel was hard when I told him we can have sex together, I was only joking with him anyway but I didn’t take it serious but it seems he took it serious.

The following day, my mum and her husband finally left the house. They travelled for their honeymoon. I started trying my boyfriend’s phone number but it wasn’t reachable, I was expecting him that day but it wasn’t reachable not until later in the day. I talked to him one he promised to come the next day that he can’t make it that day anymore. I felt bad cos I was already Hot, I already made proper planning but he said he was gonna come the next day sha. Daniel’s girlfriend too also promised to come the next day. I slept alone in the house that day, Daniel went clubbing cos it was on friday

The next finally came, I was so anxious about Festus arrival, I was already anticipating. Daniel wasn’t back, I was the only one at home. I took my bath, cooked Festus’ favourite food, already put on make up, was wearing my sexy nightgown, a very sexy and skimpy night gown, I was wearing no underwear. Still expecting my baby to come….. Around 2pm, the door bell rang, I rushed down stairs, adjusting my gown and acting sexy. I opened the door and it was the silly Daniel.

Me: mtcheeeew (I hissed) its even you.. (Disappointed)

Daniel: Wow! Is this you or am I dreaming?

I walked away from him trying to cover my body, especially my cleavages…

Me: what are you even looking for sef? I sat on the chair..

Daniel: oh! So you thought its your boyfriend abi (laughing)

Me: are you mocking me now?

Daniel: Pele dear! But seriously girl you are hot and sexy, how I wish..

Me: in your wildest dream.. (Annoyed)

Daniel: anyway my girlfriend is coming today, she’s even on her way sef.. He brought out some herbal drugs from his cross bag..

Me: what is this?

Daniel: this is what they call amokole (sex enhancer)…

Me: so what is this one for now?

Daniel: marathon sex of course…. I wanna Bleep jumoke (his new girlfriend) all night, non stop sex, like the way they do it in blue film.

Me: nawa oooo. So where did you get this one from now?

Daniel: from Northerner ni, my customer. This is what I use if I want Bleep those girls.

Me: hmmmm..

He brought out the substance with a bottled seven up drink, he mixed it together and he drank it.

Daniel: my girlfriend will soon be here, in the next 2 hrs, she’s on her way now… This drug will make me Bleep her for 5 hours or more

I was interested in the drug but I couldn’t say anything. I would love to have marathon sex with Festus too. I’ve been dying of sex starvation.. Daniel left the sitting room, he said he wanna go shower, he left. But the drugs was still on the table, I quickly took one out of the drugs and quickly used it with the seven up drink. Hoping that Festus will be around before 4pm, I went to room, I was imagining how the sex is going to be like. I also want our sex to be like the way they do it in blue film too, non stop sex things..

4pm already and Festus is not here, I was so disturbed and annoyed, I was already going crazy, I was already Hot, very Hot, I’ve never been Hot like this in my entire life. I needed sex so badly, I’m already regretting that I used the silly drug. I tried calling Festus but he’s not reachable, he’s number is not available. Do you know the feeling of being disappointed after so Much preparation, I’m sure you know the feeling of being disappointed especially when it comes to sex, when you’ve already planned to have sex but it didn’t happen. The konji that was battling with me that day was terrible. It 5pm already, I heard the door bell, come and see the way I rushed out of my room, immediately I came out of my room, Daniel also rushed out of his room too, we jammed each other, we ran down stair hoping it was my boyfriend, and Daniel too was hoping it was his girlfriend. Daniel opened the door and it was the Driver, I was so pissed off, I just walked. The silly man came to tell drop the car keys.


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