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Episode 4
He started touching my cheek..

Me: stop it Daniel, you are my brother please stop

Daniel: but we are not related

Daniel became so close this time, he started touching my lips, he was looking at me with a very flirty eyes, seducing me.

Daniel: you’re not a small girl now ( he began to peck me)

Me: stop it, stop, stop, stop

He was kissing my lips already, I kept telling him to stop but he didn’t listen, he grabbed my boobs and brought it out from my gown, he began to suck it

Me: Daniel stop it, stop, stop it please (moaning)

I was really moaning so hard, he was really sucking my Tips, then he put his fingers in Kitty-Cat and started manipulation me, he was kissing while manipulation me, I was really moaning so hard but I kept saying “Daniel please stop it”, he removed my nightgown, he crossed his legs on me, facing me, and kissing me so hard, squeezing my boobs, he removed his boxer, gosh, Daniel’s dick is extremely long and large and curve too. He started sucking my Kitty-Cat, this time, Daniel asked if i love it, I couldn’t help but to say “I love it”. He held his dick and inserted it into my Kitty-Cat, I couldn’t help but to scream.

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Daniel: sorry, wow your Kitty-Cat is tight

He began to Bleep me slowly, I was really moaning so sweet, he was doing it so slow, I was really enjoying. Then he became fast this time, I was loving it, then he stopped, I changed my position for another style, doggy style, bleeping me really hard from behind, I kept on saying “Daniel please stop”, I was moaning so hard, we changed to another style again, he sat on the couch, sat on his dick and riding him, ride the rooster, I was just going up and down, I was feeling his dick allover my Kitty-Cat, he was quezzing my boobs so hard, my legs were already shaking, but I was really riding his rooster. He was just saying “I love you, I don’t need jumoke anymore”, then I faced him this time, still riding his rooster, kissing him. Moaning so passionately, he lifted me up this time, bleeping me so hard, while standing up facing him, doing the scissors style, my Kitty-Cat making a silly sound each time the dick enters it. “Let’s go to my room” he said while bleeping me, he kept on bleeping me still carrying me, he kept on bleeping me as we were climbing the stairs, you known that kind of sex? Daniel must have really watched too many porn.

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We got to his room, still kissing and bleeping me, I wanted more, he laid me on his bed and began to Bleep me again, moaning seriously, he was sucking my Tips, we started going tip by tip on his bed, going left and right, still bleeping me Kitty-Cat, i began to squirt, my legs were already shaking, he bleeped me so hot till he cums. We bleeped for more than 2hrs I guess, we started panting, I was really weak, sweating so hard, till we slept off.
I woke up in the midnight, I found myself Unclad, Daniel too was Unclad but asleep, I felt so bad, what have I done? I couldn’t cry cos what I did was so wrong. I touched my Kitty-Cat I discovered it was seriously bleeped by Daniel, I looked at Daniel dick, thinking I took this thing in my Kitty-Cat, I looked at my Kitty-Cat again feeling so ashamed, shaking my head. Daniel was just snoring like a fool on the bed, I got so angry and upset, I angrily spanked him.

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Me: wake up, wake up… Daniel wake up

Misbehaving on bed, the snoring became annoying, tapped him harder again

Me: Daniel please wake up, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel

Daniel: (he yawned) what is it? Mehn I’m weak

Me: what happened between us?

Daniel: what did you mean? What kind of question is that?

Me: So we had sex? (Sad)

Daniel: of course, is not that I raped you, you agreed, I didn’t force you.

Me: why would you have sex with me? This is wrong, you’re my brother for Christ sake

Daniel: Stop it, you’re not a small girl, at least when I was doing it, you were not complaining, you were enjoying it and moreover we are not related in any way. So what’s the big deal, I enjoyed the sex and I’m sure you enjoyed it too.


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