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How i F**ed My Step Mum Episode 1 -21+


How i F**ed My Step Mum Episode 1 -21+


Chapter One.
I’m Tom. I’m in my late 30’s and married to Laura.
Laura is a knock-out, tall and brunette. Long wavy hair and an hourglass figure.
We’re the same age and have been married for five years.
Sex with Laura is really good and we’ve tried a few ‘special’ things that I really enjoyed, but Laura less so. As she’s tall and has a raven complexion, I imagine her being my domme and making me do all sorts of perverted things for her.
We tried some femdom roleplay but Laura couldn’t get fully into it. She enjoyed spanking me over her knee but would never spank me as hard as I wanted her to.
So I became a little frustrated but loved Laura too much to push things too hard.
Around this period, Laura’s father died. He was a successful businessman but I think he pushed himself too hard and had a heart-attack.
Susan, Laura’s mum, was devastated but he was a strong woman and after 6 months seemed to be back on her feet.
Susan downsized from their huge house, bought herself a smaller place and had a stash of money to enjoy herself with.
My crush on Susan started when I was dating Laura. I would go around to the mansion to take Laura out and Susan would answer the door looking amazing. Susan is as tall as Laura (5’ 10”) and stacked. Long legs, toned body, at least 36EE breasts and a sexy face with the same long black hair as her daughter. Susan had Laura quite young and so is only 20 years older than me.
Whenever I went to the house, Susan would be impeccably dressed as though she was always about to host a cocktail party. Always in a tight dress, seamed nylons and high heels. It didn’t take much for me to find out that about half the time her nylons were stockings and the old style that needed a suspender belt.
I was permanently horny around Susan. She probably noticed but was too polite to say anything.
So, at the age of 60, Susan was making a fresh start in a new house.
She installed her own gym and made sure her gorgeous body was in perfect shape.
I helped her to install some new wardrobes in one of the spare rooms and spent most of the day helping her unpack dresses, skirts, silky blouses… I was in heaven.
When Susan needed to pop out I took a peek inside some of the un-empties boxed and found a stash of high heels (5” or more), boots and other really sexy clothes.
This was not helping me control my crush on my mother-in-law.
Over the next few weeks I mentioned to Laura that I liked the way her mum dressed and maybe she could borrow a few things as they were the same size (except in the bust measurement). Laura smiled but nothing happened.
A couple of months later, Susan called and asked if I could be at her house for a couple of hours as she was expecting a delivery but needed to meet with her lawyers and the meeting couldn’t be re-arranged. At the time I was home-working a lot and so as long as there was a good wifi connection it made no difference to me.
I arrived at Susan’s just as she was about to leave. She asked me to make sure the parcels were put into the spare bedroom. As I watched her walk to her car, a new Mercedes, I was in awe of how her ass swayed as she walked and my eye traced the line of her heels up her legs following the seam to disappear under a black skirt just above her knees. As she sat down into the car her tight skirt raised and I caught a glimpse of her stocking top. I was transfixed. Probably too engrossed to realised she was watching me and the very obvious tenting in my pants.
I waited for about 30 minutes and couldn’t hold out any longer. I crept up to Susan’s main bedroom (why I crept, I don’t know) and entered the room. I opened her dresser drawers one by one and was transfixed by the gorgeous lingerie, packets on new stockings, drawers of pre-worn stockings, suspender belts, thongs, every item of sexy lingerie you could imagine. There were some more regular panties and tights but these were almost in a minority.
I opened a wardrobe and knelt on the floor to admire the collection of shoes I had previously glimpsed only briefly. I picked-up a pair red court shoes that had slight platform and 6” heels. They were so sexy. Clearly had been worn looking at the creasing of the leather around the heel but the soles didn’t have one mark on them. I hoped these were ‘bedroom fuck-me shoes’.
My erection was back in full force by now.
The doorbell rang and I nearly jumped out of my skin. My panic subsided when I realised it was the expected delivery so I quickly put the shoes back and closed the wardrobe, stuffing my cock down my pants as I went to answer the door.
The usual delivery driver with an anonymous white van. He told me he would need a hand with a couple of the boxes as they were over 40Kgs and he wasn’t confident of getting them inside without dropping them. I saw the delivery note was for 10 boxes in total and from J&W Products, Stirling, Scotland.
We got the boxes inside and the delivery man left. I then remembered Susan had asked me to put the boxes upstairs so I did the 8 small and medium boxes and then took my time with the two heavy boxes to make sure I didn’t catch any walls or paint work.
I needed a rest after the exertions and I sat on an ottoman on the landing. I was staring directly at Susan’s door and remembered there were still some drawers I hadn’t ‘explored’. Susan would be another 30 minutes at least so I snuck into the room again and browsed the other drawers. Corsets, basques, baby doll nighties. My cock was screaming by this time.
I considered getting my cock out for a quick wank but realised it would be too dangerous. Oh well, Laura would get fucked senseless tonight instead.
Back downstairs I noticed the delivery note and wondered what the boxes contained. The items were just listed as SBH01 and SBH02 etc.. Those are Susan’s initials.
My curiosity peaked, I fired up J&W Products, Stirling on the laptop.
My jaw hit the floor when I saw they were “the premier place for your bespoke S&M equipment”. They specialised in hand-made, made-to-order S&M, bondage and restraint equipment. I was dumbstruck. And also as hard as fuck in my pants.
This was not cheap gear either, they sold spanking tables for over £1000 and restraint chairs for the same price. £1000 for a chair! But looking closely, you could see the craftmanship, the discrete hole in the seat, the restraining bolts…
I nearly came in boxers just reading the descriptions of the items.
The sound of Susan’s Mercedes brought me back to reality so I cleared the browser and re-stuffed my pants to hide my throbbing cock.
Susan came in and we said our pleasantries. As I was by now very horny and also slightly embarrassed, I made my excuses to leave. Susan, said she would make some lunch for me and I could go after that.
OK then. The chance to spend some more time with this incredibly sexy woman was fine for me. I went back to the computer as I heard Susan in the kitchen but my mind was in only one place.
And that place was over Susan’s stockinged legs as she spanked me. Shit, I needed to do something about this. Susan called me for lunch in the kitchen and it took a minute of willpower before I could stand.
We chatted over the sandwiches and I packed my gear and left.
That night, Laura asked me what had come over me as we lay in bed panting as I had fucked her for only a couple of minutes before filling her with spunk and then ten minutes later had rolled her over and lifted her hips to fuck her from behind (her favourite) for about 15 minutes before pulling out and spraying her ass with hot spunk.
I couldn’t stop thinking about Susan, her lingerie and what now might be in her spare room. I kept hinting to Laura that maybe we could try a few things and I bought her a domme outfit of thigh-high boots, leather corset, leather gloves and a riding crop. She looked stunning but clearly not very comfortable playing the role of the domme.
Chapter Two.
About 3 months later, Susan asked me again to sit-in for a delivery. Her lawyers were now unpicking the business finances as one year had passed since Laura’s father died. Susan excited me by saying she would be out all day as she needed to go to London and wouldn’t be back until 9pm at the earliest. Laura had a key to her Mum’s house and we knew the code for the burglar alarm.
There had been a spate of petty burglaries on Susan’s new estate and she’d had a state-of-the-art security system installed with CCTV and remote monitoring.
The visitor this time was a guy to service the boiler, so no heavy lifting needed!
The boiler man was finished and gone by 10.30 so I had the house completely to myself for the day. I rushed through some work so that by lunchtime I had the rest of the day to play with, if you know what I mean.
I took my time and went upstairs. I perused Susan’s drawers and wardrobe but found nothing especially new. I looked in her bedside drawers and among the obvious hand creams and nail files I found a vibrator. A rabbit style one. My cock skipped a beat. I’ll confess I turned it on and licked the shaft all over but couldn’t taste anything. I went to the bathroom and wiped my saliva of it before returning the item to exactly where I had found it.
Back on the upstairs landing, I went to the door of the spare room, but it was locked. Darn. Not sure of what to do for the best I went to the bathroom and opened the dirty washing hamper. There wasn’t much there but there was a pair of tan stockings and a set of white underwear, lacy white panties and a sexy bra. The bra had “36EE” in the label and the panties were size 12. I held the panties gusset to my nose and sniffed the deep aroma. My cock throbbed. I stripped naked and picked-up on the stockings and put it over my hand like a glove. I slowly stroked my rock-hard cock as I sniffed the panties. I could feel my orgasm building and nearly pushed my cock into the panties to collect my spunk but realised that would be a noticeable thing. Instead I closed my eyes and beat my cock hard and fast, covering the head with my other hand. Jesus, that was a lot of spunk that erupted. My hand filled and started to overflow with spunk dripping between my fingers. I panicked as I realised one drop had already landed on the bathroom rug so I grabbed my cock with the other hand as I finally stopped spurting. But this was the hand with the stocking for a glove and the stocking now had a large white and clear stain that was growing as my spunk seeped into the nylon.
I sat on the toilet. I put everything in the sink and washed my hands. What to do about the stocking? I couldn’t put it back. I couldn’t remove it. I took the other stocking and stuffed the pair into my pocket and went to Susan’s room. In her drawer of work stockings was pair exactly the same, so I scrunched them up a little and put them into the wash basket. I just had to hope Susan didn’t keep count of the number of stockings she had. I did count over 3 pairs of tan stockings so I hoped it would be OK.
I tidied around and left. Again, that night, Laura got the benefit of my over-excited libido.
I don’t know what made me do it, but when Laura had ridden me on top to a shattering orgasm for the pair of us, I puled her hips forward and brought her freshly filled pussy towards my mouth. Laura started to pull away but I said “let me” and she relented and positioned her pussy directly over my mouth. My tongue flicked her swollen lips and the first drop of spunk hit my tongue. I wasn’t sure myself and started to move but Laura took the movement as an encouragement and pushed he legs wider to bring her weight down and open her lips a little more. A river of spunk fell into my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow. I flicked my tongue in and out and Laura came with a noisy scream and more juice and spunk flooded my mouth. I licked and swallowed and Laura then collapsed alongside me.
“Wow!” was all she could say.
After a minute she asked me why I had done that and I just mumbled something about I thought she might like it. “Oh Yes” she said as she pulled up the sheets and snuggled into me. I lay there pleased of the pleasure I had given her but wondering what made me do it. The image of Susan’s spunk-stained stockings filled my mind and I realised it was Susan and the thought of licking my spunk off her stockinged legs that had made me do it. Or rather, Susan making me lick my spunk off her stockinged legs. My cock throbbed but by now Laura was asleep.
Chapter Three.
A few months later and our sex had returned to normal. Probably because I hadn’t seen Susan in that time. It was also a busy time and very near Christmas. Susan’s birthday was December 22nd and we traditionally had a family together at Susan’s house for her birthday and also a warm-up for Christmas and to exchange gifts with the extended family. This would be the first of those parties in Susan’s new house.
Laura was dressed in a lovely little black dress but in spite of my suggestions, she wore tan tights and not stockings. Only 2” heels as well. Ho hum.
Not unsurprisingly, Susan looked a million dollars in her cocktail gown that was taffeta and only just came down to her knees. She wore blue heels to match the strapless dress and her bust was defying gravity as I couldn’t work out how she could be wearing a bra.
The party was moving along, mostly Laura’s aunts, uncles and cousins. I kept stealing glances at Susan as she chatted to everyone. I felt my cock stirring and excused myself to go to the toilet. After I had finished I checked no-one else was upstairs and I went to the spare room. Locked. Darn. Just then, a car outside must have turned on it’s lights and the vase on the window sill at the end of the landing shone in the light. I noticed it had a key inside it. My heart leapt.
I carefully took the key checking all the time that I couldn’t hear anyone coming upstairs. I went to the spare room door, inserted the key, turned it and I heard it unlock. My heart stopped and the blood rushed into my head.
After a moment to compose myself I carefully opened the door. It was dark, so rather than turn on the light (on the darkened landing) I used the torch on my phone and shone it through the crack. There was a hardwood floor. I opened the door further, checking for noise elsewhere and stood in the doorway.
My phone illuminated the room eerily but enough for me to make out a spanking bench, hard metal and leather topped; a rack fixed to the wall; paddles and floggers hung on pegs next to the rack. My heart had completely stopped beating by this time and I had also stopped breathing. I listened for noise, but hearing nothing, looked to the other wall and saw a tall cupboard and a metal rail hung from the ceiling on sturdy hooks.
A laugh and a noise on the stair brought me back to life and I quickly closed the door and stepped onto the landing. As I casually walked to the top of the stairs, Susan didn’t see me in front of her and she stepped off the top stair and into my arms as I could see what was about to happen. “Oooh” she squeaked, “so sorry” and I could tell she was a little tiddly.
She looked into my eyes and before I knew what was happening her lips were on mine and the smell of her perfume filled my senses The kiss was slightly longer than a family kiss but Susan pulled back and said “thanks for my presents Tom, they are lovely”. I mumbled some thanks or whatever, conscious that if we stayed as close together as we were my cock would be pushing her downstairs.
I stepped aside and Susan walked a little unsteadily to the bathroom. I watched her wiggle and my eyes were fixed on her legs and shoes. I realised she’d stopped at the bathroom door and was now watching me. Before I could move, she took the hem of her dress and lifted it to reveal her black suspender strap and the band of her stocking. Her tanned white thigh almost shone amongst the dark fabric.
I broke my stare and babbled something as I darted downstairs.
My ‘Susan fixation’ had been re-kindled but by the time Laura and I were dropped-off by the taxi, she was too tired for sex. Instead, I snuck downstairs to my office and fired-up a video and started to wank my throbbing cock. The video was of a MILF in full business attire ‘dealing’ with two workers. After a few minutes, she was down to her stocking and heels being fucked from behind as she sucked-off the other guy. I came with a roar and filled my hand, then both hands with spunk. I looked at my glistening fingers and brought first one finger and then my palm to my lips. I lapped at my own spunk and within a few minutes had cleaned my own hands of my own cum.
All over the Christmas break I fucked Laura every day – sometimes more than once. All the time I was picturing Susan in stockings and heels, her breasts spilling over a corset. She’s standing next to the spanking bench in her spare room as my ass is being paddled and my cock is dripping spunk onto the leather bench.
More than once, Laura rode me until I filled her with spunk and then without any asking from me she brought her filled pussy to my mouth for me to clean her.
I was loving this side of her, but couldn’t tell if this a ‘domme’ thing or just that she liked getting her freshly-fucked, sensitive pussy to be reamed by my mouth and tongue. Either way, she came like a train every time.
Chapter Four.
Not long after Christmas, Susan asked me to round to help her with some heavy lifting. Her garage had gotten full and she needed some heavy boxes moving. Only a 20 minutes job so no problem.
When the boxes were moved and ready to be shipped out, I realised Susan had been gone for most of the time.
I went back into the house and called her name. Casually I heard her say “in the lounge”. I wiped my hands and went to the lounge and stopped dead in my tracks.
Susan stood in the middle of the room, her hands on her hips. She was wearing a tight leather skirt, black and finishing on her knees, very high patent heels and fishnet nylons. She wore a silky red blouse that was cut very tight and several buttons were undone leaving her beautiful breasts almost fully on display.
My mouth must have just dropped open.
We stood looking at each other for a moment.
Susan turned and I realised she had a TV remote in her hand. She flicked a button with her red nails and the screen came on to show a dark room and then shaft of light. The light was from a phone and the next thing was me standing in the doorway of her spare room. The video played for a minute as I clearly looked around the room before ducking back and closing the door.
“Well?” was all she said.
I babbled an apology as Susan moved closer to me.
“Sit” she commanded and I sat on the sofa. She stood, or rather towered, in front of me and I could hear her leather skirt ‘squeak’ as she adjusted her stance.
“Care to explain why you were snooping around?” she calmly asked.
I apologised profusely and said it wouldn’t happen again etc..
Susan smiled but then said “hmm, but you haven’t said WHY you were snooping around”.
“What were you hoping to find?” she asked, still calmly.
I paused and said that I had looked online for the shop that supplied the heavy boxes and couldn’t believe what might have been delivered. I blushed bright red.
“Why do you say ‘you couldn’t believe’ when you saw the items?” Susan asked.
“erm, well, (think fast Tom), I didn’t think you were that sort of woman” was my stumbled reply.
“And what sort of woman do you think I am, Tom?”. This question was said almost suggestively.
“Well,” I began, “that equipment looks like some serious stuff and you seem too… nice to be one of those women” I replied.
Susan crouched down in front of me, her skirt riding up over her stockings and the dark band coming into view. She placed the TV remote under my chin and lifted my head so I was looking her directly in the eyes (rather than down her blouse as I had been a second before).
“and what sort of woman is that?” she asked but immediately carried on with “a woman that likes to have a little fun by disciplining naughty boys” she purred. My cock stirred.
“We have a problem here Thomas” (she never used my full name) “and that problem is that you know my little secret”. “But, I also know yours”. She smiled a devious smile and stood. My eyes returned to the floor meaning I was looking at her 6” heels and my cocked stirred again.
“Your little secret Thomas, is that you want to spanked and lovely Laura just isn’t going to do it”. My head snapped upwards but before I could speak she continued “No point protesting, my daughter tells me what goes on especially when you’ve been behaving oddly”.
I stared blankly as Susan sat opposite me, smoothing her skirt as she did and then crossing her sexy legs, letting one shoe dangle from her exquisite foot. I was transfixed and Susan knew she had me exactly where she wanted me.
“I asked Laura if she wore stockings” Susan stated “tan stockings, particularly and she told me she didn’t” I swallowed as I realised I had been rumbled.
“I shan’t insult us both by asking if you know why I was missing a pair of tan stockings on the day you were sitting-in the house for me”.
I just stared at the ground.
“Feel silky as you put them on, don’t they?” she purred and my head snapped up to say “that’s not it – I don’t wear them I just think you’re SO sexy when you do”. I just blurted it straight out. Susan smiled. She knew she had me.
After a moment “oooh, now it makes sense” she said “Laura told me that the night you had started to fuck her like never before and I realise now that that those events followed you house sitting here” she stated, matter-of-factly.
I couldn’t respond.
“So, if I was to check the security recordings for my bedroom on the days you house-sat, what would I see?” Susan asked, staring at me directly.
I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t tell her how much of her privacy I had violated.
“Hmm, it’s probably too long ago now. The recordings overwrite after about a month. Oh well, I suppose you can keep that secret” she said, with a harsher tone.
“Look Susan, I do apologise but..” and I tailed off.
“But what?” she asked, with her beautiful eyebrows arching.
“But. But…” I stammered.
“Hmmm”? she purred again.
I swallowed hard. “But.. you seem to be having the sex life I want to have”. I was breathing hard now as I realised my confession.
Susan giggled. She shifted forward on her seat causing her skirt to squeak as the leather scrunched under her and her stockings became fully in view.
“So…. my little secret is I like to take men and spank them like they were little boys… and your secret is that you want to be spanked like a little boy?”. It was a statement more than a question.
I nodded.
“Thomas” Susan raised her voice “is that what this is?”. Firmer in voice than before. “Would you like to be spanked, by me?”. Susan let the question hang in the air.
“Yes” was my almost whispered reply.
“I’m sorry, Thomas, I couldn’t hear that” Susan barked.
“Yes” I said more normally.
“Yes…what?” Susan barked again.
“Yes, Susan, I would like you to spank me”. I was breathing so hard by now.
Susan let the admission hang in the air for a minute.
She stood, smoothing her skirt into place and stood in front of me.
She placed her fingers under my chin and pulled my head to an angle so I was looking directly at her face.
She spoke. “So, you would like to get undressed, be put over my knee and spanked like a naughty boy”. I nodded.
“Say it” she commanded.
“Yes, Su… Mistress” (she smiled) “I would like to be spanked like a little boy”. Susan smiled again. She leant forward, her perfume filling my nostrils once more, her head alongside mine, her lips by my ear as she whispered “or… would you like to go to my spare room, strip off and wait for me and then we’ll see just how far you want to go” she breathed and her tongue flicked over my ear.
“Oh god..” I spurted “yes, YES, please Mistress, please spank me properly like the dirty boy I am”. I was breathing almost ready to pass out.
Susan flicked her tongue in my ear again and her left hand grabbed my throbbing cock through my jeans.
“And if I do… this.. for you, you won’t speak a word of this to Laura… or anyone?”
“YES Mistress” I almost shouted.
Her hand squeezed my cock almost painfully.
“And when you come, either by me spanking you or I might get you to wank off for me, will you lick it all up like a good… little.. boy…” and she breathed deeply into my ear.
“Yes. Yes, please Mistress”
“And if I have you strapped over my spanking bench and you red little arse is, well, just there in front of me…” I gasped “.. and you feel something pushing at your little boy hole..” I stopped breathing “.. and you realise I’m about to fuck you with a strapon, you’ll beg me not to stop?”. I gasped again. “Yes….. Mistress”.
Susan stopped squeezing my cock and stood up. She turned away from me allowing me to see the seams on her stockings. Without turning around, she knew exactly where I was looking.
“Go home Tom” she ordered. “Think about what you’ve said”.
She turned to face me and said “I’ll indulge your fantasies as long as you don’t breathe one word of this to Laura”. I nodded in agreement.
“and make sure you keep on… looking after her, if you know what I mean” Susan said sternly.
I nodded again.
“now go” she said.
I stood, my cock still tenting my jeans. I didn’t know what to say.
I grabbed my jacket and left, my mind in a whirl. I realised my ultimate fantasies might be about to come true, but at what cost?
…continued in Part 2

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