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How i F**ed My Step Mum Episode 2-21+


How i F**ed My Step Mum Episode 2-21+


For the next few days I couldn’t concentrate at work or at home.
This incredibly sexy fantasy woman was offering me what I wanted – but this was my mother-in-law! I knew she would be very discreet but it was still a risk.
I knew what my decision would be but couldn’t find the courage to go through with it and contact Susan.
Laura noticed the change in me and was asking if I was OK. I told her it was just a knotty problem at work and it was making me distracted.
Over the next few weeks I tried to get Laura to ‘play’ a little. I found an adult card game that was basically a set of forfeits for couples to play. Most were very vanilla such as licking cream off the partner, but there were tie-and-tease forfeits and some BDSM ones but nothing too kinky.
If I was able to get some card of the same quality as the ones in the game and I could print them sufficiently well, I could create my own set of cards. Use half of the content from the original and add some of my own with stronger content.
I persuaded Laura to let me buy some handcuffs, blindfold etc.. from an online store and told her the card game was free gift for placing a first order.
One Friday night we’d had a few drinks and she was quite giggly and amorous so I suggested we try the game. Basically, a standard round of a poker-like game with normal cards and then the size of the win then governed how many cards the winner could pick from the deck. I made sure Laura won – and won big.
She was quite into the game when I handed her the forfeit deck and told she needed to pick three cards but could discard any one she wasn’t comfortable with.
This made her a little nervous as she wasn’t sure what the cards said and wondered if they were too ‘hard’. I told I’d skimmed though them before shuffling them and they were fine.
Laura wanted to see so I let her flick through the deck and even she was going ‘oh there’s nothing bad here is there’. I made sure she didn’t look at all of the cards but assured her that they were all in the same vein.
What Laura didn’t know was that there were two decks – the original (but printed by me) and my own copy.
She chose three cards and laughed as she read them. The rules were that she could play a forfeit card and I would have to take the forfeit, or she could take the forfeit if that is what she preferred. The first card was “take off you panties/pants/boxers and make your partner wear them”. She said she would take that card she stood and lifted her skirt and slipped her white panties off. She held them in front of me, giggling.
I stood, took off my jeans, socks and boxers and took the panties from her.
My cock was stiff and Laura said “ooh, I hope there’s a card for that in there somewhere”. I took her panties and there was clearly a wet patch in the crotch.
I slipped them up my legs and stood in front of her and she laughed as my cock pushed the panties out of shape.
When she stopped laughing she read card two which was “give your partner a foot rub”. She passed the card to me and said you can do that. As I knelt at her feet she gave me card three and said “this one also”. I read card three which said “kiss your partners feet”. This was working out well.
I held her feet, one at a time, stroked it, massaged it and then licked over toes and sucked her toes into my mouth. Laura was giggling all the time.
After about five minutes she told me to stop. She asked me to get her another glass of wine and as I stood she laughed again as my hard cock was now leaking a little and there was a wet spot in the front of the panties.
I brought us both a drink back and said “round two?”. “Sure” was her reply.
I gathered the cards and shuffled them but Laura said she needed to pop to the toilet. Just fine, it allowed me the time to swap the decks. I still needed to lose the hand though. The game rules said the winner could drop a maximum of two cards so I needed to make sure Laura won big again, but not make it obvious.
We played another round of regular cards and drew. I mocked her and said she was lucky. Same on the second hand. I knew this was needling her as she is a competitive person.
So on the third hand she went for a big win and got it! Well, who could have predicted that!
Before I had even reached for the forfeit deck, Laura said “how many do I get?” very excitedly. “Four, with a maximum of two discards if you don’t fancy them”.
She brushed away my objection as clearly the cards were so ‘soft’ and she was still giggling at me wearing her panties.
I fanned out the deck and she took four cards, not noticing the difference in the decks.
Her brow furrowed at the first card and her mouth dropped open at the second. She gasped at the third and shrieked “what!” at the fourth.
“well…?” I pressed.
“Well, ermmm, not sure about these two… but I suppose these other two would be OK” she said. She checked the cards twice and then said “no, not these, put them back in the deck”. I complied without checking the cards.
“Soooo, these two then” she started “I suppose I should play both of these at the same time”. “But, one of them needs a number, it says I need to roll a dice”.
I got the dice out of the box and she shuffled forwards in her chair, oblivious to the fact she had no panties on. She shook the dice and rolled a 5.
“Ok then” she said “do we have handcuffs?” she asked. I said yes.
Her eyebrows raised a little but I told her they were ones I had just bought online and she had agreed to it. Laura wrinkled her nose a little but nodded. I got up and skipped to the bedroom, retrieving a box under from under the bed – our ‘toy’ box. A lot of the things in the box had only been used once and a few items were new.
The handcuffs had been used before, but Laura clearly didn’t recall.
I took the handcuffs and left the box on the bed.
As I returned to the lounge Laura was finishing the new glass of wine and giggled again when she realised I was still wearing her panties.
“OK” she started “strip naked and turn your back to me”. I did so making a point of slinkily slipping off her panties like a stripper would do. I noticed she took the handcuffs and stood behind me. She took my left hand and slipped the handcuff on, not too tightly. She then took my right hand and pulled it behind me and slipped the handcuff on.
She paused and said “I know it’s too late to ask, but we do have the keys for these”. I turned my head “sure, they’re in the box on the bed”. She looked sideways and then nodded when she knew what I meant.
“OK, so that’s the first card” she said. She took the card and placed it on the pile.
“The second card, is that I will rub my partner, or lick or suck, for x minutes”. “The dice said ‘5’ so I need to ‘play’ with you for five minutes, but I can’t let you come”.
I smirked.
She sat down and told me to turn around. My cock was bobbing as the blood flowed through it. She told me to move closer to her and my cock was now only 8 inches from her face. She took it in her hand and slowly rubbed it. I was ‘weeping’ straight away. Her other hand tickled my balls and she started to rub me faster. She looked at the clock and said ‘one minute’ and carried on rubbing.
I was starting to sweat and the strain of not being able to move my hands was really tough. ‘Two minutes’, then ‘three minutes’. Laura could tell I was close so she let go of cock leaving it bobbing freely. She looked at my face and could see the pleading for release. I was breathing heavily
“Hmmm” she said and stood up and went to the kitchen. She returned in less than a minute with some ice cubes in a glass.
My cock throbbed again. She took an ice cube in her fingers and slowly rubbed it over my cock head and I gasped. “What are you doing..” I asked.
“Oh, this was card three” she said calmly. “It said ‘when you partner is most aroused, use an ice cube to cool them down’ and so I thought this seemed like the right time”. She giggled again and dropped the ice cube into the glass as my cock had started to angle downwards. She took it in her hands again and leant forward, flicking her tongue over the head. I immediately sprang back to life and she rubbed hard until she noticed the clock and said ‘four’.
She took the ice cube again and this time used her other hand to rub it over my swollen balls whilst she sucked my cock head. My hips bucked and a small pain shot through them. She moved the ice cube along my shaft all the while rolling her tongue around my cock head.
I started to moan and then she suddenly stopped. “Times up” she said triumphantly.
She let me go and sat back panting as my cock bobbed in front of her.
I panted and just said “wow”. She smiled.
A minute passed and then she said “card four was… interesting but I wasn’t sure”. She looked at me. I said “well, it’s your call, you won after all”. I saw her competitive side once more and realised she was going to play the card.
She stood and went to the bedroom. She returned with the keys to the handcuffs, and the spanking paddle.
She stood looking at my bobbing cock and said “card four is to get your partner to play with themselves until they come” she paused “while being spanked”. My eyes widened.
“The longer they take, the more they get spanked”.
She was slowly waving the paddle in front of her. “the card said to increase the spanking strength and show no mercy”. She bit her lip sexily.
She looked at me “think you can cope?” she asked.
I nodded. “I don’t think it will take me long to come” I said.
Laura smiled and knelt behind me to undo the handcuffs. I rubbed my wrists a little and then dropped my arms to the sides.
“I think I’ll have you stand” Laura said, but with an edge to her voice.
I stood and my cock bobbed as it throbbed and some pre-cum glistened on the head.
“OK then, begin” was Laura’s matter-of-fact statement.
I slowly moved my hands but before I could even touch my cock the paddle slapped across my arse cheeks. There was a loud ‘smack’ noise and I stopped moving.
I turned to look at Laura but she was already swinging the paddle again and my bum burned warmly after the second spank.
“Better start, because I’m not stopping…” was Laura’s breathy reply.
Another spank brought me round and my hands gripped my cock. My left hand stroked my balls as another spank landed and I grabbed my shaft with my right hand as another fell.
By the time I had started a stroking rhythm Laura had spanked me about a dozen times and her spanks were getting stronger. My arse was on fire and a glow of heat spread to my crotch.
I doubled my efforts and by the time spank 20 or so landed I knew I was about to come.
“Can I cum”? I asked. Laura laughed and said “I’m not stopping until you do” and spanked me even harder. I squoze my cock and doubled my speed and I felt my knees weaken and my cock harden. Another spank was all it took and my cock released the largest spurt I have even given. It arced across the room and almost hit the TV. Then another and another.
Laura put her hand on my cock and the next few spurts filled her hand and fingers with sticky cum. I was gasping as my orgasm subsided. My cock stopped throbbing and Laura removed her hand and inspected her sticky fingers. She brought her hand to my mouth and said “lick them clean”. I took her wrist and slowly snaked my tongue all around her fingers and licked her palm clean.
“Wow” was all Laura could say. She moved behind me and giggled when she saw my arse had changed colour but no bruising or anything serious.
Laura sat in one of the large chairs, slid down, raised her thighs over the arms of the chair and pulled her skirt to her waist. Her naked pussy was soaked.
She rubbed her fingers along her slit with one hand and used her other index finger to circle her clit. Her eyes closed and she started to moan.
I just watched the scene transfixed until I realised what was happening and I knelt in front of her and positioned my tongue on her slit. Without opening her eyes her hands gripped my head and pulled me forcefully into her. She ground her pussy against my chin and started to gasp.
In only two minutes Laura exploded in a loud orgasm and thrashed around on the chair.
Her grip loosened and sat back as her breathing lengthened and she calmed.
Laura looked at me for a minute without speaking.
“Time for bed” she said matter-of-fact and stood. I started to rise but she held a hand in front of me. “Not you, you need to clean all of this up before coming to bed”. It was a command and it felt great. I nodded and she stood, just arching her eyebrow.
I realised what was needed and so I said “yes, mistress” and dropped my head.
“Good boy” was all she replied and then went upstairs.
I tided the room in 10 minutes and went to the bedroom. Laura was fast asleep when I got into bed. I lay awake for a while wondering about the turn of events.
The game had gone well, I don’t think she suspected.
I think she had enjoyed it – I know I had in spite of my arse still being hot and tender.
The ‘domme’ moment at the end was what struck me and I ran through various thoughts trying to decide if this was part of the game for her of this really was a side of Laura that was now emerging. I hoped so. I hoped it was ‘like mother, like daughter.
The following day we talked about the previous night. I asked Laura if she enjoyed it but I could tell she hadn’t been fully comfortable with the spanking even though I had wanted it so much.
“I didn’t enjoy hurting you” she said. I told her that it didn’t hurt, well only a bit, but it was arousing.
“mmm” was her non-committal response.
I asked her about the game and maybe playing it again. I got the “yeah, sure” response which I knew meant ‘yes’, but not for a while.
I also knew I’d be calling Susan quite soon.
Chapter Six.
“This is strictly a business arrangement Thomas” stated Susan, standing in her lounge with her hand on hips, accentuating her curves as a result.
I had called Susan and this was the result. I was stood in front of her feeling like a naughty boy rather than her son-in-law.
“Yes… Mistress” I said quietly.
Susan gave a wicked smile. “Hmmm, you’re enjoying this too much already”.
Susan motioned to the couch and I went to sit down, she sat next to me, crossing her legs making her skirt ride and my eyes were instantly drawn to her legs. Only tights today.
Susan could read my face. “I don’t wear stockings every minute of every day, you know” she said and it broke the mood.
Susan talked calmly and business-like. “Firstly, Laura must never know or suspect anything. Today or at any time in the future”. I nodded. She continued “..and I also mean when you’re in the throes of pleasure, don’t go blurting out any details”. She raised an eyebrow and looked even more sexy as a result. “Yes, Mistress” I softly spoke.
“The equipment upstairs has cost me over £20,000 and it is an investment”. I raised my eyebrows at this! She continued “I have always enjoyed the kinkier side of sex and Paul was a willing partner”. Paul was Laura’s father.
“It started simply, then by the time… Paul passed away…” she faltered a little “.. we had already discussed some of the items now in the spare room for us to use for our own play”.
My eyes gave away my surprise at this.
“But Paul always seemed so regular” I said. Susan smiled. “Like you, you mean?” and again raised an arched eyebrow. I smiled back.
She continued “so, I had the idea to setup a small business for myself. Just a select handful of personal clients”. I interrupted and said “Susan, be careful…” but she anticipated my objection and raised a finger and continued “over the years I have met men who have made their… desires… clear to me and I intend to help them get their fun for a small payment, just enough to cover my costs. All very informal”.
Sure, it was business like.
“You may know some of them. Some were Paul’s golfing friends and some I have met through work”. “But don’t ask for any names…” and she smirked as she tailed off.
“It was one of my colleagues that gave me the first idea.” Susan then told me the tale of a guy in his 20’s that had been sent to her in her role as HR manager as he had been reported for being too suggestive to some of his female colleagues.
Susan had quizzed him to see if he was a genuine risk or if he was just having fun, but expressing himself badly. He was just a single guy that had a thing for older women and the whole corporate, tight skirt and blouse look was his ultimate fetish.
They had relaxed and talked and agreed that he would be transferred into the Distribution part of the company that was 90% male and overalls and safety clothing was the fashion.
He had thanked her profusely for her understanding and not making a formal issue out of it. As they had stood to shake hands, Susan being tall and in 4” heels had towered over the young man and he almost groaned as her breasts came into his eye line. Susan made light of it and told him to report to Distribution in the morning.
That evening she had recounted the tale to Paul and he had encouraged her to go further with “the tale”. Susan understood and carried on the tale that the young man couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts and so she had had to discipline him. Susan told me she had Paul play the role of the young man and she had sat in a formal chair and got Paul over her knees and spanked him. She told me Paul had come within a minute.
From then on their sex life changed with Susan becoming a domme in the relationship.
Looking slightly embarrassed, she told me that they had gotten as far as bondage, spanking and whipping and full sub-domme role play.
My cock was straining as she told me this and she noticed. Susan tutted.
Susan was formal again. “Anyway, to business”. I nodded.
“My client’s desires are known to me and I am keen to give what they want. They give me money in exchange and I thoroughly enjoy myself and scratch an itch of my own”. She smirked.
“I propose that you become my test subject for the equipment and the sessions I will run with my clients”. I gulped. “You will be a test model and we will discuss the activities before, during and after so I can fine-tune my… product”. She smirked again.
I was breathing hard by this time. I nodded.
“Sorry, Thomas, do you have something to say?” she asked.
I understood. “Yes mistress, I would like to be your test subject to use as you wish. I will keep this strictly between us and I will be a willing participant”. I was gasping by the time I had said these things. Susan smiled broadly.
“Good”. She stood, crooking a finger at me. “No time like the present then” and walked to the stairs and I followed silently. At the top of the stairs she told me to go to the guest bedroom, strip naked and then put on the items on the bed. Then wait until called for.
I nodded. Her face softened and said “this will be fun, for us both”. “In fact, I have no need to dress-up for this ‘test run’ but I know what you like so give me a little while to get into character”. I nodded and Susan stood directly in front of me and kissed me softly on the lips. Then she moved and disappeared into her bedroom.
WOW. I couldn’t think straight. My every fantasy was about to come true.
I went to the bedroom and on the bed were four cuffs, strong leather straps with D rings on two sides, one each for my wrists and ankles.
There was also a belt that looked like a weight-lifters belt but again had several D rings sewn in. Lastly, a collar. All of the items were of the highest quality and the leather smelt delicious.
I stripped quickly and put the ankle cuffs on first, shivering with excitement as I did so. Then the belt. A little difficult to get it to sit right until I realised it was meant to above my hips and around the stomach, not lower down. I put the wrist cuffs taking care to get them on securely but not too tightly. Lastly the collar, again not too tight.
I stood and waited, listening intently for any sound. It was quiet apart from the background noise of the heating system.
My cock bobbed with a mind of its’ own. I concerned rubbing one out quickly to make me last longer but daren’t get caught doing so.
After around 15 minutes I heard a door, then another open then close. A few minutes more I heard Susan calling “Tommy” in a beckoning voice.
I took a deep breath and left the room.
Chapter Seven.
Susan was standing on the landing about 10 feet away. She looked stunning.
Dressed in a short skirt that finished just below her stocking tops – I could tell by the way the skirt pulled across her thighs she was wearing stockings and suspenders.
Tucked into her black skirt was a white satin blouse, long-sleeved, with the pearl buttons straining to hold back her swelling breasts. I could tell she was wearing a black bra.
Her stockings were sheer, barely black and on her feet she wore a pair of black, patent leather stilettos. Her hair was lifted into a bun and she wore a simple pearl necklace pearl earrings. She had just a touch of light makeup but her eyes were smokey blue and her lips were full and red.
I nearly wolf-whistled when I saw her but just said “beautiful”. She smiled at that and gave me a small twirl, allowing me to see the seams in her stockings and the sharpness of her 5” heels. “I thought I’d go with the sexy school-mistress look” and she giggled.
“You look stunning” I said. She smiled but said lowly “don’t think flattery will make this easier for you”. But then smiled once more.
She took a few paces backwards and pushed open the door to the spare room.
She waved her arm to beckon me in and walked towards her. She put her hand out to stop me and said “We won’t use Laura’s name after this, but she did tell me you have a good cock, and I can see she wasn’t lying”. She brought her hand down and lightly slapped my cock head, making it bounce.
“Thank you, Mistress” was all I could say and bowed my head.
“Enter, Tommy” she commanded and I walked into the room.
I stood and surveyed the room. There was the bench toward one side, which looked like it was for strapping some down for a spanking. There was a tall frame with various cross-pieces that would hold someone stood at any angle. There was desk, old fashioned like a school headmaster might have. There was a frame with a padded bar that looked like it was height adjustable, I suspected for someone to be bent over.
I turned to speak a large leather chair – but it was more like a throne with wide padded arms, and a high back.
On the walls was a set of chrome rails that looked like they should be part of gym equipment. A cabinet which was closed. Next to it a rail from which hung around 10 whips and paddles of various sizes.
There was another cabinet and lastly a dressing table. Everything was black leather or chrome. Very imposing.
“Let’s begin” Susan said startling me out of my reverie.
“All of this equipment is new and I need to test it and understand how best to use it” Susan said matter-of-fact. “For example..” and she motioned to the bar frame “…this adjusts for height and I need to see how best to adjust it”.
“For example” she continued “do I set it low and have my subject bent touching the floor, or set it higher so he is at 90 degrees”. I nodded my understanding.
“But, and this may seem odd, I don’t want it to be too uncomfortable”. I gave Susan an quizzical look. She continued “I want my men to focus on me and what I doing to them – not whether they can breathe properly or are getting a bad-back from the posture”.
She looked at me “You will probably be the youngest man I have in here. They are typically my age and so have succumbed to various age-related ailments over the years”.
I said “makes sense”.
“So, you are hear to be my product tester”. I nodded.
“We will discuss every action, every equipment option etc..” Susan stated.
I nodded, and my cock bobbed appreciatively as well.
“Let’s begin with this frame. This was a special request from a friend as he’d seen one in a porn film and even send me the website link to it” she said. “Oooh, he’s keen then” said I and Susan laughed.
“Problem is, he’s about 6’ 2” and so I need to even things up” she said moving to open a cabinet. She brought out a pair of 4” heels, clearly in a large size.
“Here, put these on” she said handing me the shoes. I understood and slipped them on. They were a little large but I managed them easily enough.
I stood looking down at my feet and my cock was still fully swollen.
“Mmmm” Susan purred “maybe I’ll get you to wear a few other things as you seem to like the heels”. I blushed at the thought.
Susan stood me in front of the frame and I straight away told her it was too low. Between us we adjusted the sides with the sliding bolts. Goof quality stell, they wouldn’t break under any weight or pressure. We raised the bar by 12” and I stood in front of it once more.
“Bend forward and see where you weight falls” instructed Susan.
I did so and it was quite comfortable. My weight was carried by the soft leather padding and I could bend at 45 degrees with no effort.
“Try bending further” Susan suggested and I did but in doing so, one of my feet left the floor. “Stand Straight she said and tapped my left ankle to move left and my right ankle to move right. I did so and she clipped each ankle cuff to the frame using a metal clip, the sort used by climbers.
“Try to move” she said and could a little, but only to adjust my weight.
“OK, bend forward again” Susan said. I did so and go to the full 90 degrees before I felt the ankle straps pulling.
“Mmmm” she purred again. “Hold that position”. I did so and only a few seconds later felt a huge slap across my bare ass from a paddle. I sprung upright. “Ooooowwww” I moaned.
Susan laughed. “My real clients will be gagged so I don’t hear their squeals but I need you to talk” she giggles and pushed me down with a hand in my back.
I bent forward again and Susan walked behind me and slapped me once more – less hard this time. I flinched but didn’t move.
“Better” was all she said. I sensed her moving away and returning. This time there as a small “whoosh” through the air and my ass exploded in fire. “OHHH SHIT” I screamed and spun my head around to see an old-fashioned cane in her hand.
“Ha ha haaaa” she laughed at my discomfort “the whip isn’t for everyone, only the more advanced sub, but I thought I would try it once”. I was relieved.
She bent to inspect my bottom and said “mm, better not do that again as I don’t want to leave a mark”.
Susan moved in front of me and knelt down allowing me to straight down her bulging blouse. Her breasts were full and clearly encased in a push-up bra. I so wanted to kiss them. As I was gazing at them I didn’t notice she was attaching clips to the frame and pulling my wrists to them. I was now held firmly in a 90 degree bend and wouldn’t be able to straighten any further.
“Is that OK” she asked with genuine concern. I said yes but 10 minutes might get a little sore in the lower back. “Good” she replied, “I thought 10 minutes would be enough on this anyway” and she softly stroked my face and looked straight into my eyes.
“now,” she continued “don’t be alarmed by what’s about to happen, this is just a test”. I did look alarmed and she put a finger on my lips “unless you want me to take it further…” she posed and she could see the alarm in my face.
Susan stood and walked behind me. I heard a cabinet open and close. I heard rustling of cloth but couldn’t make out anything as I could barely turn my neck.
I felt a cold finger run over my asshole. Cold and wet. “Susan!” I exclaimed but she just calmed me with a “shush, shush, just go with it” and I felt her finger circle my asshole once more. I then felt a firm push and something cold slip into my ring. Then the movement stopped and it withdrew. The in again and out each time going deeper.
“Just one more…” Susan said in a soft sexy whisper and I felt a strong push.
“There, all the way in”. I breathed deeply and Susan said that she had just put a small butt plug in me.
I had tried to get Laura to experiment with anal play – me on her, but I was open to anything. “That wasn’t so bad” I said bravely.
Without warning I felt my ring extend and the plug was removed. I breathe deeply again.
Susan then lubed her large butt plug and started to push it in.
“Ow, OW!” I exclaimed and Susan stopped pushing but slapped my ass a few times in response. She pushed again and stopped and I grit my teeth.
“Just one more…” and with a force that moved me forwards I felt a huge thing being rammed up my ass, and then relief. I was sweating now and breathing rapidly.
I felt Susan’s hand stroke my balls for the first time and then take hold of my cock. She rubbed it a few times and then let go.
I sensed her move back and there were more noises.
After a couple of minutes of noises I couldn’t determine, I sensed her walking in front of me. My eyes ran from her feet up her legs and to the tops of her stockings.
She had taken off her skirt! SO SEXY.
But then I saw the strapon. A black hard cock, about 8” in length was protruding from a leather pad, strapped tightly to her crotch.
“What… NO! This isn’t what…” was as far as I got before the cock was forced into my mouth. I gagged on the rubber cock and Susan withdrew it letting me get my breath.
Her hand held my chin and she pushed the cock to my lips once more. I screwed my mouth closed and Susan pulled back.
She knelt to look at me. She smiled. “I’m not going to use it on you, just checking for height and angle” she said. “Just one more test, around the back, and we’re done” she said smiling.
She stood and moved behind me. She stroked my ass and made small circles with her fingers. She took hold of the plug and moved it a little and I squirmed but kept my composure.
Then I felt her kneeling and she took my cock in one hand and squoze it making me moan and weep from my cock head. She started to stroke me and without warning she leant back and with one pull removed the plug. I gave out a low moan as she stood and without any warning she lined the cock against my ass and pushed forward.
I froze as she repeated this until I felt her hips push against my bottom and I knew the cock was fully inside me.
“Relax” she said calmly, “I just wanted to test it” and she giggled a little.
Susan slowly rocked back and forth not withdrawing the cock but relaxing it and then forcing it back deeply into me.
After a minute or so I felt her bend over me so she was wrapped onto me an she whispered “or… do you secretly want me to fuck you”. I breathed and without much thought said “Yes, mistress, please fuck me”.
Susan stood and took hold of my hips with her hands and slowly withdrew the cock before plunging it back in. She made the cock withdraw almost completely each time before she slowly pushed it back in. She could tell from my low moan I was enjoying it and my cock was dripping. Here I was, strapped over a spanking bar, wearing high-heels and being ass fucked by my mother-in-law and I was loving it.
I felt her hand come around and fumble for my cock but she could get reach it properly and keep the strapon in me. “Hmm, still needs adjustment” she breathed as she stood more straight and started to pickup the pace.
“Ooooh Tommy, this does look delicious” she moaned. I moaned in reply.
“I hadn’t planned on this, but hey-ho” she almost trilled, drilling the cock into me.
“Make sure to tell me if you’re about to come” she panted and I grunted back.
After another minute I felt her tense, stop the pounding and scream a loud “OH SHIT FUCK YES” as she came herself.
I felt her fall onto me, keeping the cock buried inside of me.
I had almost come myself, but the stimulation wasn’t quite right.
When Susan had gotten her breath back, she stood and slipped the cock out of my gaping asshole. I heard noises and a slight “oooh, that was fun” being whispered.
She bent and unclasped one of my wrists.
“Can you release yourself” she asked. I couldn’t stretch my arm to release my other wrist or my ankles. “No mistress” I replied. She knelt and undid the other wrist clip and moved back. I stood on slightly wobbly legs and then squatted to release my ankles. As I did, I let out a wet fart as my ass started to regain its’ shape.
I could hear Susan giggling and she told me to close my eyes and turn around.
I did so and I could feel standing right in front of me.
“Open wide” she asked and I opened my mouth and felt something firm, warm and very wet in my mouth. “Suck it clean” she hissed and I panicked thinking it was the cock that had been in my ass but it was too short and also tasted sweet.
I opened my eyes after a minute and she pulled the cock out of my mouth. But this was the small cock that had been inside her as she was fucking me with the large outside cock. I knew now why she was enjoying it so much.
She stood back and with genuine concern on her face asked if I was OK.
I said “fine, just a little surprised by the turn if events” and smiled.
“Yeah, it went further than I had planned” she began “but one of my clients loves to be fucked that was and I wanted to see how it would work on the frame, so two tests in one” and she beamed a gorgeous smile at me.
I grinned sheepishly and said “happy to help”.
My cock was dribbling and then was clearly a stain on the floor where I had been stood.
“Mmmm, I’ll need a rubber mat for the next time” and she instantly looked straight at me.
I wasn’t going to play that game and just nodded.
“OK, she said, take a minute, go to the toilet if you need and then come to my bedroom for you reward” she said seductively. My cock bobbed again and I almost skipped to the toilet. I gave myself a good wipe and a wash and then composed myself before entering her bedroom.
Susan was sat on the end of the bed still dressed as before with her white satin blouse and stockings and heels. She wore no panties and I could see a little shaved landing strip above her pussy.
She asked “so, what would you like as a reward?”
I knew that saying I wanted to fuck her was out of the question and I stared her creamy thighs stockings. While I was thinking Susan said “how about I suck and rub your cock and let you spirt over my stockings?” and she flashed her eyes at me.
I didn’t speak but just shuffled forwards so my cock was close to her mouth. She bobbed her head and sucked me into her hot mouth. One hand stroked my shaft while the other tickled my balls. After only one minute I started to breathe heavy and she could tell I was close to coming.
She let me slip from her mouth and said “do it” all the while keeping full eye contact. She opened her legs and her fingers fell to her pussy and at least three went inside and started to flick her clit.
That sent me over the edge and I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her thigh. I spurted blob after blob of hot spunk onto the top of her thigh and her stocking band.
When I had finished she took my hand and pulled it down indicating I should kneel. I did so and she placed a hand behind my head and pulled my face to her thigh.
“Lick” she hissed and forced my mouth to where I dropped my spunk. I licked and lapped and swirled my tongue around her suspender strap.
When I was done, she lay back on the bed, keeping her feet on the floor fully exposing her pussy to me. She just pointed at her swollen pussy and I flicked my tongue over her lips. She groaned and let me continue. After only 2 or 3 minutes, Susan was thrashing around in a climax. After she had relaxed and knelt back and just admired the sight.
“Shit Tom, that was strong for me”. It was great praise from such a sensuous woman.
I sat on the bed and she sat upright. We talked matter-of-fact about what had happened over the last hour and Susan reiterated that I couldn’t breathe a word to anyone. I agreed.
She made me promise to spend more time licking Laura’s pussy and her daughter had told her she likes it but I didn’t offer it enough. I was a little surprised at the forthrightness of this but just nodded.
I dressed and left, not sure of whether this would be repeated. We had both gone further than planned.
A few days later Susan called and told me that Laura had called and recounted how vigorous I had been that same night. “You see, we talk about sex lives to each other. We always have since she was a teen” Susan told me.
“Laura told me you practically threw her on to the bed and didn’t stop sucking her pussy until she’d come about 3 times and then fucked her silly”. I glowed down the phone.
“She said it was the best sex she’d had and didn’t know what had come over you”. I just mumbled a thank you.
“Were you thinking of me while you did this?” she asked.
I said I was.

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