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My First Mastur***tion Experience 18+


My First Mastur***tion Experience 18+


My First Mastur***tion Experience 18+

I was home alone messaging probably the closest companion. We were visiting about the class about how men jerk off. She than inquired as to whether I have each contacted myself. I began thinking,…

I was home alone texting one of my best friends. We were chatting about the category about how men masturbate. She than asked me if I have every touched myself. I started thinking, told her no. We changed the subject and I ended the conversation.

I started searching on how to finger yourself. All I could find were some porn videos and porn pictures. So I just decided to wing it. I laid on my couch and put on a porn video showing lesbians scissoring hardcore. I was watching it then I noticed I started to feel wet by my pussy.


I started rubbing my clit, not knowing what I was doing. In the porn video I was watching she started fingering her partner. So I tried to find the right place to stick my finger in. I found it and i was so wet my fingers kept slipping out, so I just started rubbing my clit side to side and it felt good for a while. I was still watching the video and my tights started getting wet, so I took off my my tights and underwear. Now I lie there half naked, still wearing my shirt.

I start rubbing my clit faster and faster imagining someone I like was doing it for me. I started squirting so I stopped. Then I decided to take it to the next level and try to finger myself. I did and I moaned and moaned because I didn’t know what I was doing but it felt good. So I put a rubber glove on an old toothbrush and used that as a vibrator. I then used a small dildo I had ordered online earlier that month. I stuck the dildo in my soaking wet pussy. I started to stroke it slow and as soon as I started cumming I started stroking the dildo faster and faster.

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I sat on the armrest of the couch and inserted the dildo inside of my pussy. I started riding the dildo faster and Harder. I was rubbing my clit until I came. And I came so much the couch was wet. As soon as I was done cumming I slowly took out the dildo and sucked on it while gently rubbing my clit. I wanted to see what I tasted like so I sucked on it. Then I took a shower. That was the first I ever masturbated.


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