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Home Alone With My Step Brother (21+) Episode 7


Home Alone With My Step Brother (21+) Episode 7


Daniel: (breathing heavily) wow, wow, oh my God. Damn..

Me: what did we just do? Not again (feeling bad), I told you not to touch me, I told you to stay away.

I got up from the cabinet, quickly adjust me nightgown and I gave Daniel a dirty slap on his face.

Me: don’t you ever try this rubbish with me again in your entire life, stay away from me.

He was surprised, he couldn’t say anything. I got angry and walked out of the kitchen. Feeling used and sad again. I got to my room, I couldn’t believe what just happened between me and Daniel again, I was so mad at myself. I laid on the bed, I tried to sleep but I couldn’t sleep, festus was already asleep. I just couldn’t sleep, till festus placed his hand on me and woke up.

Festus: (yawning) where did you go? I’ve been looking for you.

Me: oh! I went to get a glass of water, I was thirsty.

Festus: I actually came to look for you downstairs when I didn’t see you in the bathroom.

Me: eyah! I was in the kitchen

Festus: awww! And I wanted to check the kitchen, i just changed my mind.

Me: really? Hahaha, you should have come and check me now, assuming you came to check me there all these wouldn’t have happened. (Oh my God, slip of tongue)

Festus: what do you mean by that? What happened?

Me: don’t mind me jare, nothing happened, but you should have in the first place.

Festus: I’m sorry dear, I would have, we would have had sex in the kitchen you know. I was really Hot when I was looking for you.

Festus began to kiss me, he wanted sex too, he began to squeeze my boobs.

Me: haa! Festus please not now, I’m weak, let’s do it later in the day not now. Please I beg you.

Festus: hahaha! Why now? Are now avoiding me, please let us have sex, please.

He began to kiss me and smooch me harder.

Me: Festus stop (pushed him away), later in the day okay.

Festus: okay ooo, good night. Later in the day ooo.

I was so disturbed, till we slept off…. Come to think of it, did you guys notice Festus is always coming late, this the second time, he would have rescued me from Daniel’s seduction. Gosh!

Festus: Wakey, wakey, good morning dear, I made you hot tea.

Meyawning) ooooooooooh! Don’t wake me up Moor (cuddles the pillow)I’m tired, I’m weak.

Festus: what did you do that you’re tired? Or is it because of last night?

Me: (scared) last night? What do you mean? ( my conscience already prickling me)

Festus: Yes now! The hot sex you know

My heart started beating so fast…..

Festus: I’m sure you enjoyed my dick

I was relieved, you know how it is to have guilty conscience….

Me: (sigh) oh, okay…. You’re not serious (smiles)

Festus: oya stand up take your hot tea, I made it specially for you

Me: Awww! I love you so much, thanks love (rose up, kissed him and began sip my hot tea)

Festus: less I forget, what happened to your kitchen, it is very rough, I had to clean it.

Me: erm, erm, probably….. Daniel or his girlfriend sha, you know those people are rough (smiling).

Later in the day, I was home alone with my boo, Daniel and his girlfriend went to the cinema I guess, cos when they were going they were just arguing on the movie they were gonna see. They didn’t even bother to tell us where they were going, like I care. The most annoying part is how the girlfriend be forming “drunk in love” with Daniel, behaving all loved up with Daniel. silly girl, how I wish you know what went down under your nose. Anyway I was at home with my boyfriend in the evening, Daniel and his girlfriend came back, looking so happy, they greeted, they actually bought some goodies for us oooo.

Festus: hey! Welcome back guys

Gosh! I don’t know what osnwrong with this Festus, he’s always too forward.


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