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Sex with my Neighbor’s Maid 18+


Sex with my Neighbor’s Maid 18+


Sex with my Neighbor’s Maid 18+

Hello there I am Rahul matured 18, from Chennai. I was tempted by a neighbor she was 4 years more established than me.She was 22 completed her training and she wasn’t working .she was consistently at home, she is an attractive young lady I really liked her yet she was more seasoned than me so I knew nothing will occur Between us . Be that as it may, I wasn’t right we ended up engaging in sexual relations.

I was living with my folks in a 2 bhk house she was as well. We simply moved to that house which was nearer to my school. Furthermore, they were living there from a long time. So soon after barely any days we turned out to be old buddies. I go to their home and she comes here . She sits in front of the TV with my mother n her mother throughout the day. On the off chance that I had any questions I ask her n she encourages me out.

I have a space for myself and one day I was watching pornography, and unexpectedly my mother called me and requested that I get some stuff from a close by shop. I halted the video balanced my dick and limited the video and went. I brought the stuff that my mother has asked and given it over to my mother and went to my room. As I went into the room I was stunned she was sitting in my bed and utilizing my PC , she began chuckling at me as I entered she said “hello what are u viewing , u ought to have in any event shut the tab ,consider the possibility that another person saw this” .. I calmly said “who will come n contact my PC other than u, I ought to have been increasingly cautious”. At that point she began ridiculing me telling on the off chance that I had a sweetheart I wouldn’t need to watch it. At that point she asked whether I had any understanding, I said “no”. At that point I asked her whether she had any experience she said truly, I was astounded .she stated, she had a beau when she was in school. At that point we calmly had some broad conversation then she left.

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Starting there I saw that she began grinning more and contacted me frequently at whatever point she got an opportunity. At that point came the day when we did it, I saw that her folks were heading off to some place with two or three sacks. I enquired her and she disclosed to me that they are leaving city to go to a relative’s marriage and they will be back in couple of days. My mother arranged supper for her and we had it together. At that point we were sitting in front of the TV for quite a while.

She asked my mother whether she can remain here for the night since she needs to rest alone. My mother concurred, and requested that her lay down with her yet we told my mother that we will rest in the other room we will watch film for some additional time and rest later. At that point my mother said alright and went to her room. We were talking for quite a while and went to my room and dozed.

After some time I woke up and felt that somebody was contacting me I saw she was lying exceptionally near me I didn’t make any abrupt move she didn’t realize I am conscious . Her hand is inside my shirt and contacting my chest she is feeling my chest my cockerel promptly got erect. She did that for few moments and afterward went to my shorts and put her hand inside. I was not wearing any clothing, so she got simple access to my rooster. At that point she sat next to my shorts and pulled my shorts smidgen down and my dick came out she went close and gave it a lick I was terrified and getting a charge out of simultaneously. I saw that the room entryway was not totally shut. It is somewhat open yet nothing will be obvious from outside. She pulled my prepuce back and my rose shading tip is uncovered she sucked it delicately. I was unable to control myself and gave a little snap she got frightened and approached my ear and asked “are you alert “. I gestured my head, she embraced me tight. At that point we kissed and I lifted her shirt till her neck and she helped me with her bra, I sucked her areolas then I put my face between her boobs and scoured my face there.


She got my hand and guided me to her pussy she was wearing a track gasp and undies under it I contacted her pussy it was wet no hair. It was astonishing I have never at any point seen a pussy and I am contacting it. She got my cockerel and stroking it I was scouring her pussy I murmured in her ear “I need to see u bare now “she grinned and went close to the room entryway to bolt it and turned the light on. Her boobs are as of now out then she pulled her track gasp and underwear down till her knees I stooped down and embraced her. My face was on her tummy and I put both my palms on her butt. I scoured my face all over her gut and gradually went close to her pussy and licked it. It was an odd taste then I investigated her eyes she was looking down at me and gave me a charming grin. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what I was doing I licked it gradually she pushed my face on her pussy and scoured it all over for few seconds and let my face go then I embedded my finger into her pussy she quickly shut her eyes and murmured “I need your dick inside”


She evacuated her gasp and underwear and lie on the bed. I went ahead top of her and kissed her and evacuated my shorts and attempted to embed my dick, however she was in torment, she approached my ear and murmured “lick my pussy and afterward embed it” I did as she said yet at the same time my dick didn’t go in then I took a tad of coconut oil and applied on my dick and attempted it currently it’s going in yet her pussy is tight I gradually embedded my dick gradually and after some time my cockerel is Completely inside now she is grinning yet I recognized she had tears easily too . At that point I gradually screwed her for few moments and I discharged inside her and embraced her and kissed her we both were laying like that for few moments. She asked me “how was it, did u like it “I said “yes”.

At that point I went into the restroom and washed my dick then she proceeded to clean herself then I opened the room entryway and we dozed. I woke her up promptly toward the beginning of the day and had one more meeting it was stunning. Following day I asked “what will occur if u get pregnant “she said don’t stress nothing will happen I will deal with it. We had some good times for two or three years then she got hitched and went to an alternate city.


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