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Sex With Our New House Maid Episode 1 18+


Sex With Our New House Maid Episode 1 18+


Adesuwa was an adorable 19-year-old young lady my mother recruited to help run things in the house several years back. In spite of the fact that not very brilliant as she could here and there be an imbecile, she more than made up with her looks. This darling had the body of a goddess. I generally had dreams and figments of taking this young lady to bed and slamming her silly whenever I saw her around. 

My mum carried her into our home to help an old companion who had come into tough occasions. Her better half was a resigned cop and a resolute alcoholic who scarcely had the opportunity and assets to prepare his kids. As of late he had chosen to take another spouse (aside from the two he had as of now) and had advised his more established wives to discover methods for preparing their children. With the little sum she made selling staple in Karimo advertise, there was no chance this lady could bear to send any of her children to class any longer and they all needed to drop out. 

My mum had met her one night when she had gone to purchase staple for the month. For reasons unknown known to just her, she reached an agreement with the lady (possibly in light of the fact that she discovered they were from a similar spot, as my mum is from Edo State, however she carried on with for her entire life in Lagos), yet she wound up tuning in to this poor lady’s predicament. She had compassion for her, so from time to time when she went out on the town to shop, she would give this lady cash for her upkeep. 

One weekend my father facilitated a gathering for his old schoolmates. I happened to be at home that end of the week and I was a 300-level understudy in Nassarawa State University which was about 90 minutes away in Keffi, I do get back home regularly. Other than that, being the main kid, my father constantly needed me around to control the overabundances of the ladies in the house as my two sisters and our mum had their methods for pulling off things from him and he required another man in the house on occasion. I should have returned to grounds that day however I chose to remain back to appreciate some nourishment and take some along to class, which would have spared me the pressure of cooking and burning through cash on taking care of. That was the point at which I initially met her. 

My mum had given me some twenty-5,000 naira to buy another enormous goat when she understood the one we had acquired before wasn’t going to cook for the huge horde of individuals we were anticipating. As I was going to take off, one of the ladies who was helping her out to cook (who I later discovered was the lady being referred to) told my mum she knew somebody in Dei-Dei advertise where I could get it less expensive and called her little girl to take me there. My eyes nearly jumped out of their attachments when I saw the little girl. 

I made a decent attempt not to gaze at her in desire as her mum disclosed to her where we were to go get the creature. Despite the fact that she was not unreasonably cleverly dressed, her garments couldn’t conceal the hot body that she had. Picture Cassidy Banks in a blurred, very much worn knee length dress and you would not be excessively far off – her balanced bosoms, an ideal figure, smooth light-appearance skin, and as I watched later, an exceptional grin which flaunted the delightful slight hole between her front teeth. Her shapely arse influenced enchantingly when she strolled, and her boobs skiped whenever she moved. I attempted to keep my eyes all over as her mum at last completed and she went to me. I immediately drove her to my mum’s Tacoma Truck before she could see the developing lump in my pants. 

On our way we occupied with casual discussion. I became acquainted with her name was Adesuwa. She was the person who enlightened me regarding her mum and her family, just as how my mum helped them now and again. She let me know because of money related troubles, she and her more youthful kin needed to drop out of school. She was in SS2 when she needed to quit going and for as long as three years, had been getting her mum out in the market while they attempted to make sense of how they would come back to class. She had once proposed to her mum that presumably she should simply feel free to get hitched so the weight will be less on her however was remunerated with a resonating slap. All the time I attempted to keep my eyes out and about and not on her liberal chest, just as shielding my developing erection from uncovering my desire. I advised her not to stress and that something will most likely come up. I didn’t know around then I was forecasting and that it will prompt all what might occur between us. 

Around three weeks after the fact I returned home for another little remain and some a greater amount of mummy’s nourishment. Quickly I got into the kitchen to welcome her, who might I see with her however Adesuwa. I stood frozen in place expanding like a moron. I didn’t hear her welcome me as I gazed at her. I at long last recovered my tongue and welcomed my mum with an embrace. 

Despite the fact that I heard the full significance later from Adesuwa, my mum revealed to me that night that she had chosen to carry her into the house to assist as a servant. Her mom had chosen to come back to their town in Edo state to begin over again since her better half was for all intents and purposes futile as far as cooking for their necessities. Other than she required assistance in the house since we (my sisters and I) were away in school. Consequently, she enlisted her in night exercises at the school close by to in any event wrap up her optional instruction. She was basically dutiful and persevering, and everybody treated her like she was a piece of the family. 

Adesuwa’s essence in the house made me return home pretty much every other end of the week from that point on. I don’t have the foggiest idea why, yet the idea of her constantly entered my thoughts all week I was in school. Indeed, even my folks were fairly amazed at my incessant home comings, however they were regularly upbeat I could get back home each end of the week since I educated not very far away. 

Adesuwa too was fairly happy to see me the occasions I came. I think she had started to take an abrupt preferring towards me. She had a companion of hers called Ireti that she went to classes with. The two young ladies normally left around two toward the evening and got back around six not long before my mum returned home for the afternoon. Them two called me “broda” energetically, and they indicated me a ton of regard. Adesuwa specifically consistently demanded I bring something for her whenever I returned home, and whatever it was I got her (generally chocolates, a hardcover exercise book, ballpoint pens, and so on.) she treasured a great deal and expressed gratitude toward me lavishly. 

Perhaps it was my creative mind, however there were times Adesuwa appeared to furtively play with me, as though she knew the impact she was having on me. She would flutter her eyelids provocatively at me whenever I ran into her and whenever she’d discover me gazing at her, she’d influence her abdomen or touch her boobs with an enticing glimmer in her eyes. She was mindful so as not to escape and make my mum notification. I think the prepping tips she got from my sisters helped a great deal. Gone were the dreary looking shirts and dresses. She presently wore some pleasant tops, stockings, pants, denim shorts, long shirts and some light contacts of cosmetics. Gone were the plaited hairs and revolting scarves. She presently did some decent stitches, twists, perms, and styles. Her enunciation had unquestionably improved. On the off chance that anybody came visiting, you wouldn’t realize she was the house cleaner. We as a whole treated her like she was one of us and I realize she was extremely thankful for that. 

All these unpretentious changes in her made me notice her more and powered the longing in me. I longed to snatch her by the midriff and kiss her silly, and the vast majority of my wet dreams during the week in school were about her. I disclosed to myself that regardless of the stuff, I needed to accomplish something with this young lady. 

At this point Adesuwa had been with us for around nine months, and truly, she had made significant progress from the nearby Edo young lady my mum got all that time back. My mum and sisters had truly worked admirably on her and she presently moved with balance and effortlessness. This while I had put my yearnings for her on stew, waiting for my opportunity cautiously and wanting to think not to accomplish something that will in the end deceive the regard she had for me, yet it appeared she too needed me to make out of here her. Her inconspicuous looks, her “come and get me” look I thought I recognized clearly – I wasn’t excessively certain and I would not like to accomplish something I would later lament. 

I didn’t find the opportunity until a whole lot later. The semester had quite recently gathered together and I been home for about seven days. My folks had gone for a wedding in Lokoja that Saturday morning, and were not going to be back home until some other time at night. My sisters returned from school. The main other individual around was Adesuwa. She as a rule would have gone to the wedding with my mum too (that is the amount we had taken to her – she treated her like her tote and consistently took her out to any event she went) yet she had a test in her school that morning. My father had advised me to free some from the wanderer weeds in the compound before they left and I chose to begin before it got excessively hot. 

Around early afternoon, similarly as I was nearly completed, Adesuwa and her companion returned. Both came to where I was and visited with me as I gathered together my work. I saw Adesuwa gazing at me with a sultry glimmer in her eye as I remained there shirtless, the entire top portion of my body dribbling with sweat, my muscles and abs sparkling in the sun. I approached her to set up some nourishment for me and call me when it was prepared. She grinned enticingly and said it wouldn’t be over twenty minutes. She and Ireti headed inside and I came back to my hoeing. 

Around thirty minutes after the fact, I chose to stop. It was starting to get excessively blistering and the sun was starting to consume my without any protection. The entire spot was outrageously tranquil and I started to ponder where the two young ladies were. The nourishment should have been prepared at this point. Perspiring intensely, I strolled towards the kitchen, where I wanted to discover my grub pausing. I arrived, and saw it was still on the oven, and it was practically consuming.

“Where the hellfire is this young lady for her to overlook my nourishment”, I pondered indignantly as I turned the cooker off. The perspiration was trickling off my body and I went into the house to have a cool shower. I got to my room and expelled my unsanitary shorts and tying a towel around my midsection, I went to the washroom.

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Setting off to the restroom, I needed to confront Adesuwa’s room. As I was tied in with entering, I thought I heard some quiet groaning originating from inside the somewhat open entryway. My interest showed signs of improvement of me and with my heart starting to pound, I looked round the entryway.


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