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Sex With Our New House Maid THE END 18+


Sex With Our New House Maid THE END 18+


The next morning, I woke up with a significant instance of blue balls. I wasn’t ready to rest that well, my contemplations obfuscated with the maid that dozed not exactly far away. When I was at long last ready to nod off, it was nearly morning.

I pulled the cover off me and yawned. I recognized the boo I was donning in my fighters. It was as hard as steel and hot to the touch. I could feel the blood beating through the veins. I turned out of the bed and strolled to the washroom to pee. I strolled to the kitchen and met Adesuwa washing the dishes.

“Great morning holy messenger,” I welcomed her.

“Gracious, Broda Ayo, great morning,” she welcomed back.

“How was your night?”

“It was fine sir,” she answered.

I stood and watched her for some time. Her breathtaking however and by and large flawless body, combined with the lovely grin she had given me understands thinking at last lose to my desire for her. She was singing happily in her tongue as she washed the plates and didn’t hear me approach her from behind. I folded my arms over her midsection and she bounced from alarm.

“Goodness Broda Ayo, you frightened me,” she said as I squeezed my cheek against hers. My eyes looked down the highest point of her night robe tank and her full breαsts were there for me to expand at.

“I simply need to welcome my little blessed messenger,” I answered, kissing her on her cheek. My fingers stroked her stomach and I felt her shiver. My semi-hardness started to develop in my fighters and I pushed it against her butt.

“Broda Ayo now!! Stop it!!” she wheezed, the plate in her grasp dropping with a clack over into the sink.

“Stop what?” I set another kiss on a similar spot as prior. She shivered again and a slight groan got away from her.

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“Ehn? Stop what?” I asked once more. I delicately s – d her ear cartilage and this time she groaned boisterously.

“Stop… gracious… y-you are chooking me with… broda Ayo it is too soon… I mean… ”

I held her midriff more tightly and drove my lips into her neck.

“Broda Ayo now!!! Stop it!!!” She chuckled as she attempted to wriggle away. I just grinned and scoured my groin on her arse some more. I realized she was at long last game when despite everything laughing, she pushed back, squeezing and scouring her arse into my díck. I turned her round to confront me.

“OK Broda Ayo, I realize you need us to play, however please let me wrap up the plates,” she said.

I just grinned. I could feel her groin squeezed against my lump. I pulled my hard cóck out of the cut in my fighters and squeezed it against her. She wheezed and drew back a piece as the head jabbed her in the stomach and attempted to move back, however when she saw the vibe of crude desire in my eyes, she stopped. She investigated my eyes bashfully and I guided her hand to start stroking it tenderly. Clear liquid started to overflow out soon as it became more diligently.

“Broda Ayo, I completely overlooked how BIG it is!!!” she underlined.

“Truly? So are these.”

I measured my hands on her breαsts, feeling their weight.

“Broda Ayo nowwwww!!” she whined.

I grinned and kneaded them as her nípples became hard. I lifted her top up, brought down my mouth to her hard handles and started to prod them with my lips and tongue.

“Ahhh… broda… simple… ” she groaned.

She kept on scouring my cóck as I devoured her nípples. Her rhythm turned out to be quicker as she gradually manufactured her c – x. I pulled the top over her head. Simultaneously my fingers slipped into her pink shorts, the contact my fingers made with her exposed lips demonstrating my doubts of the previous evening that she hadn’t worn anything under her night robe. I felt her sodden lips and stroked her cut. “I’m going to finger you until you come infant,” I said.

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“P… Please brother… da, why… are you… ahh… p… punisss..sh… ing m… me” she wheezed as I pushed my fingers in her wetness.

She was shaking and I could see she was truly getting stirred. I assaulted her G-spot with my fingers while she kept on clutching my hardness.

“Stroke on it child,” I requested. Trembling, she gradually jolted me off. She continued kneading my díck and balls while I fingered her until she strained and shouted out.

“B-broda An Ayo, I-I’mm going to… .OHHH!!!!!!”

She spasmed hard as her o – m shot through her body. I felt her juices streaming unreservedly over my hand. Simultaneously, I felt my cüm developing in me and I realized I was going to c – x.

Snatching her uncovered shoulders, I constrained her to her knees. She opened her mouth and began sucking on the top, bobbling her head forward and in reverse. She slobbered and s – d, investigating my eyes as her hot lips coasted over my meat. Seeing her swinging boóbs and arse distending behind her got me much increasingly excited and I dreaded I was going to shoot my milk into her mouth any second.

I immediately pulled her up and advised her to hold the kitchen sink and she did as such, spreading her legs separated. I slid my fighters over my bar and holding her midsection, I slid her pink shorts to the other side and jabbed her wet lips. She flatulated. I hit her uncovered arse with my palm and she screeched.

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“Broda, it would be ideal if you .ousssss… .” she argued.

I pressed my cóck and slid it here and there on the break between her butt and cünt. I pushed on her swollen v – an and my length slid easily into her. Adesuwa panted and groaned boisterous. I held her abdomen and continued to slide out, doing whatever it takes not to cüm from her snugness. I gradually pulled back and t – t in harder. I proceeded to fück her while she murmured and groaned.

“Gracious BRODA!! Hey now!! Hey there!! Hey there!! Hey there!! You are so bigssssss… goodness you are so sweetsssss… gracious fück me harder,” she supported.

I watched her face as I stimulated her folds with my correct hand and I felt my protection from come gradually giving route as I attempted to keep myself from peaking at this time.

“broda Ayo, you are slaughtering me!!!” she cried.

She shook so hard, I felt she was going to drop. I siphoned into her quicker as my opposition at long last gave way and I emptied a couple of shots into her. I groaned and figured out how to pull out, stroking my díck as I erupted all over her pink shorts. She thought back and looked as my díck spray out burdens and heaps of whitish semen over her flawless round arse. She connected and spread my cüm over her butt, took her fingers to her mouth and grinned as she licked the cüm off them.

“Mmmmm,” she gave me an incredible grin and I realized we weren’t finished with one another yet. Without a word, I got a shouting and chuckling Adesuwa by her midsection and drove her to my room.



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