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Story of My Life As A Young Adult-HoeStory


Story of My Life As A Young Adult-HoeStory


I forced myself awake because it seemed I was having a nightmare, and my
Val was shot dead in that dream.
I found myself lying in a hospital bed with drip connected to my left arm.
Glancing around I saw Anita, she had her head bowed, sobbing quietly.
“Where is Val?” I asked and she quickly sat up, cleaning her eyes with the
back of her palm.
“You’re awake already, thank God” she said getting up from her seat and
advancing towards me.
“You haven’t answered me Nita, where is Val?” I asked again, getting up and
carefully removing the drip from my hand.
She stared at me with shock, yet she couldn’t utter a word, she just kept
I ignored her, removed the drip, and got out of the bed, making my way to
the door, she tried to stop me but I gently brushed her aside and went out.
I had only walked few distance when I saw a nurse, pulling a stretcher with
someone covered from head to toe, just the Way a dead person is covered.
I felt a stabbing pain in my chest as I walked to the nurse.
“Where are you taking him to” I asked shakingly, not too sure of myself.
She heaved a deep sigh of regret, “to the mortuary, we lost him” she said,
making to continue, then I stopped her.
Before she could even say a word, I yanked the sheet away, only to reveal
my own Val, lying lifelessly on the stretcher.
“Jesus….” I screamed my lungs out, threatening to bring down the building
with my scream, and every one came rushing to the scene.
Then it began to make sense to me, it wasn’t a dream afterall, he was
actually shot right in front of me, at the restaurant.
Nita came closer to me and tried to pull me, but I pushed her away and
focused my attention on Val, something kept telling me he wasn’t dead,
they’re all just too blind to notice.
I held his head in my palm “baby, you can’t do this to me, not after
everything, not after all the sacrifices, you promised me babe, you said
you’ll never Leave me, you said we’re in this together, you said its you
and I against the world.
You’ve never failed me baby, you’ve never failed us.
I couldn’t hold it any more as I broke into tears, and I could also hear
wailings behind me.
Is this want you want, the people you lover weeping for you?, we will never
move on, baby I can never survive with out you, you haven’t lost this
battle yet hunnie, I’m never giving up on you.
You are my mighty warrior, the one that never gives up even at the face of
death, this is never God’s plan for you, he promised that he’ll satisfy you
with long life, your purpose on earth hasn’t even been achieved. You have
thousands of life to touch baby.
Say No to the one’s holding you captive, you’re place is not with them but
right here with me, with us.
Fight for your soul baby, its not too late, struggle baby, and come back to
me, come back to me baby, come back”
I kept hitting his chest, pressing his heart, with all determination and
not leave me just like that, not without a battle from me.
I held his head up, using the other hand to search for his pulse. He wasn’t
I looked back at all the years we spent together, all the fights we had in
No, surely this man lying here can’t possibly be dead.
I remembered the God, surely this wasn’t his will, didn’t he say we should
ask of anything in his name with faith and he will do it?
I knelt beside the stretcher, still holding on to him, with tears flowing
freely down my face, and I looked up to heaven.
“Dear father, please don’t let this happen, I beg of you lord, bring him
back to me, do this for me and receive your glory. I promise that I will
serve you for the rest of my life, my entire household will grow old
knowing only you as the saviour, I will spread this testimony for the whole
world to hear, to know the kind of great God you are. Thank you my father.
Val’s mom had come to join me, by the time I rose up, and she held me,
“He has done it mother, he never fails” I wisphered to her as I embraced
Then I turned back to Val, and searched his pulse one more time, i could
feel it coming faintly, and I smiled, even through my tears, surely he was
indeed a great GOD!
I turned to the Doctor who just stood, watching the whole scenario.
“He’s alive Doc, we need to move him back to the ward, and with God’s
directionI’ll take it up from there”
We moved him back to the ward, and I began to work on him, I inserted the
cranler, in his vein.
I administered some injections and drip but I discovered he lost a lot of
blood. His mum came handy in donating here’s and it was infused into him,
then he began to run a very high temperature, signaling a complication.
I quickly prepared him for surgery, which I never believed I could since I
specialized on children.
I discovered there was still one bullet left, close to his heart, i quickly
removed it and dressed the place back.
This was regarded as a miracle as Was medically impossible for him to still
But did I hear him say impossible when the hand of the Lord was in this
case? Absolutely No!
We took him back to the ward and I sat beside him, monitoring every breath
he took.
I sat beside him, holding his right hands in mine, not ever wanting to let
go, it was that way for s very long time before I felt his hand tighten in
my grip.
His eyes started moving slowly, those few seconds he took to finally open
his eyes felt like a hundred years to me.
Then he finally opened it, revealing those wonderful amber eyes.
He managed to smile even in his pains, and I smiled back at him even as
tears streamed down my face, only that it was tears of Joy, God had truly
proven himself.
“Thank you for coming back to me baby” I said, kissing his hands.
“Thank you for never giving up on me my love” he said as tears found it’s
way down his face.
“God did it baby, he brought you back to me” I said and we held each other,
releasing all our emotion Into each other.
A drop of tear slipped down my eye as I looked at myself on the kinged
sized mirror.
I was totally lost for words at the image that stared back at me.
“You look so beautiful pumpkin, just like your mom on her wedding day, I
wish she was alive to see her little angel grown into this beauty” my dad
said as he stood behind me in admiration.
I felt the tears gather in my eyes and I fought hard to keep it in check
for it not to ruin my make up. Anita had spent hours to give me this
glamorous look and I didn’t want to invite her trouble.
“I hope that I was able to keep to the promise I made to your mum that I’ll
raise you into a woman that will be every man’s dream”. He said again,
wipping his tears.
“Thanks for everything Dad, you were even more than a father and a mother
put together, and I know mum is so proud of you wherever she is right now”
I replied, holding his hand.
“I’m so glad, I’m putting you in Safe hands, someone who Loves and cherish
you if not even more than I do.
All you have to do is to submit to him pumpkin, don’t ever nag him, settle
all your scores in the bedroom, don’t ever let an issue get to the
following day, respect him, he’s just like a father to you now. Try as much
as possible that he dosent go to work on an empty stomach. Don’t ever
listen to side talks, trust him. Never deny him of food or sex if you two
ever have a fight, and don’t ever compare him to any other person, not even
me. Most importantly always pray for him. If you abide to all these I’ve
told you, surely you’ll have a happy home”
“Amen Dad, you’re indeed the best, I promise to abide by every principle
you’ve instilled in me”
We pulled into a tight embrace.
“Let’s not keep the young man waiting pumpkin, before he develops a heart
attack” he said while pulling out of the embrace.
Anxious was nothing, compared to what I felt as I stood at the Church
waiting for her.
Then she appeared, the most beautiful bride I had ever set my eyes on. She
looked so angelic in the white long veil that covered her face and she had
the most gorgeous smile.
The day I had always been dreaming of, the day I sacrificed so much for,
the day I will finally claim my most priceless treasure.
Her dad led her majestically to me and officially handed her over.
“I have no doubt son, she’s in the safest hands” he said as he turned to a
And I took my Queen to the alter, in front of God and in front of man, to
give her my word…..
Leah, my love, my best friend, my lover, the most beautiful girl I’ve seen
in all my life. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment, to tell the
whole world of such an angel are, of how favoured I am to have one of God’s
best creation as my better half.
I vow to you this day, in the presence of God and man, that I’ll love, I’ll
cherish you, I’ll adore you, .Through thick and thin, through rain and
storm, even in toughest condition, I’ll always stand by you.
You’re my sunshine baby, I’ll build my whole world you and I’ll grow old
loving only you.
You’re mine and I’m yours from now until for ever”
And I slid the diamond into her finger…
I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore as he said his vows to me. Planting
the ring in its official position, it was my own turn to say my vows to him.
*******Valentine, its a dream come for me that I’ll stand here today before
God and man, to say my vows to you.
Thank you so much for never giving up on me, despite how hard I pushed you
away, thank you for being my best friend, my hero, my life saver and the
best thing that has ever happened to me.
I love you Val, words alone can’t quantify it, my Angel in human form.
I vow to you, that I’ll love, respect you, cherish you, submit totally to
you, through thick and thin, through the rain and storm, through the
toughest condition, even in the face of death, I’ll stick with you, its you
or no one else.
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours from now until forever**””
I slid the ring into his finger. Formally, we were declared husband and
wife and we shared the most passionate kiss in front of every one, giving
them the best show ever..
She looked so adorable, as she lay in the bathtub, filled with rose petals.
Her body succulent and inviting.
“Come to me my love, I need you more than ever, I’ve been waiting for this
Slowly, she rose from the pool, the droplets of water forming small beads
all over her.
Majestically she walked towards me, her hips swaying invitingly with each
step she took.
I longed for her, to bury myself inside her. Kneeling before her, I kissed
her stomach, there where our children will grow. She ran her fingers in my
hair, making me run wild with desire.
“Let me love you my wife, let me love every part of you” I said still
“I’m all yours baby, I have no right over this again” she replied in a
husky voice.
Then I lifted her, kissing her all the way through to the bed where I
carefully placed her like a precious trophy I just won.
I stood beside her, absorbing her deep down, loving every inch of her.
“You’re beautiful baby, you’re so d–n beautiful every where”
She gave me the most sexiest smile and I went to her.
“I swear baby, there are so many ways to pleasure each other but right now
all I want is me buried inside you, but I have to prepare you to make sure
you’re ready for me” I said.
Gently, I caressed her t–s, and taking the other into my mouth, I nimbled
I kept my eyes locked on hers to see her response to my touch.
Then she began to give soft moans. I slid my finger down her cunts, and
pressed my thumb around her sensitive spot, which she responded with a jerk
and a gentle moan. Then I slid on finger into her and her walls gripped it
“Oh baby you’re so tight, but I have to stretch you further to contain me”
I said as I continued to slid in and outer of her.
Slowly she began to move her hips up to meet the t—-t of my finger, as
she was becoming more wet, then I slid in the second finger, another moan
escaped from her.
“Good baby, you’re now ready, this is going to be a bit painful, but trust
me darling, “Wow you’re huge” she said immediately she sighted my erect
“Off course not baby, you were made just for me” I said, not wanting to
frighten her on our first sex.
Gently, I began to penetrate into her, she held my back tightly, shutting
her eyes.
“OK hunnie, you can do this, take all of me now” I said as I buried myself
more into her.
She let out a soft cry and I took her mouth in my, kissing her pain away.
Her walls gripped tightly around my manhood that I thought I’ll just
Then gently I began to slid in and out of her, in slow yet perfect rythym.
Each t—-t sending flames of desire all around me.
“I love you baby, you’re so sweet” I said as I began to penetrate more
deep, adding a little pace.
She began to give soft moans, as her hips bounced forward to meet mine,
stroke for stroke , in the most perfect rythym.
We were lost in a world of passion and estacy, loving each other in even
deep into our soul.
Until we both climaxed together.
I was awaken by the ringing of my phone and I reluctantly curled out of his
arms to check who the caller was, it was Nita, I took the call.
“Baby I’m so sorry to spoil your fun but I couldn’t help myself any more,
Ryan proposed last night!” She yelled excitedly.
“Wow! How did it happen” I screamed, very happy for her.
“I’ll give you the full gist later, the wedding is in a month, and you’re
my maid of honour, just like we promised” she replied.
“I know baby, I’ll gladly be, and I’m so happy for you”
“I know girl, all right, have fun, love ya” and she dropped.
“And who was that” Val said, caressing me gently
“Nita, her fiancé just proposed” I replied
“Wow! That’s good news, ” he said kissing me all over.
“Hey baby, I’m really pressed”, I said, kissing him and getting up and
headed for the bathroom.
It was only when I returned that I noticed the small red stain on the white
I covered my mouth in shock, as tears streamed down my
“I thought so too when I saw it
“Common babe, not now, let’s just say God still had a package for us” he
said, pulling me close, kissing my tears away.
He lowered me unto the bed, as his hands and mouth began to perform the
magic again until we retired into another round of heavenly Bliss.
I woke to a sweet smell, and a smiling handsome man, sitting besides me.
“Happy birthday wifee, my woman crush every day, may your years be tastier
that this Bacon and swetter than this honey filled tea”
I smilled as he handed me the tea cup and I sipped it, it seemed I didn’t
go well with my stomach as I ran into the bathroom to empty every content.
“Are you alright? You can’t be sick on your birthday oh, I have lots of
plan for you” he said as he came into the bathroom.
“I’m fine hunie, it seems the tea is too sugary” I teased as I washed my
face and we went back to the room together.
I managed to eat the bacon, and he helped me take a bath.
He had a surprise party organized for me Later in the evening and I
couldn’t help but thank God for a wonderful husband.
I paced to and fro, eagerly waiting, then I sighted Nita coming, with smile
plastered on her face.
“Congrats Val, your two mean looking guys and two cute looking angels has
just arrived, heaven help any guy that tries to mess with them” She said.
“Wow! I thought the scan result said twins, a boy and a girl” I asked
“I thought so too, its amazing how God works, a womb that was declared
unfit to sustain a life, didn’t just carry two but four babies!”
“Can I see them now” I asked
“Of course, she’s been yelling your name ever since, I must confess, she’s
one hell of a strong woman”
“Thank you so much for everything Nita” I said as I hurried to go see my
new family.
They were so lovely in their cot and my wife slept peacefully beside them.
I sat next to her as I planted a kiss on her fore head. She opened her eyes
“He did it baby, God made me a mother” she said as the tears fell from her
“I’m the happiest man on earth my love, Thank you for making me a father” I
said as I took her lips in mine.
We were distracted from our kiss by the buzzing of my phone.
“Its mum calling”.
“She must have returned, tell her already”
“Hello mum”
“Son, I came in some minutes ago from the and was told you rushed Leah to
the hospital, I’m on my way now, just relax OK, she’ll be fine”
“Mum you’re a grandma to four lovely kids already” I said, unable to
contain my happiness.
“She already delivered? did I hear you say four? I’m on my way already”
She hunged up the call and I faced my wife
“She’s on her way here”.

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God surely had a way in making a green land, even in the middle of a
desert,Such is my story.
He gave me the most amazing husband, he made me the proud mother of Jason,
Jerald, Mirabella and Christabella. The owner of the world’s leading
pediatrics hospital and a life filled with peace and bliss.
What more can I say, those who put their trust in God, he never puts to
shame. Have faith in him, he’ll surely prove to you why he is called The
Mighty God and in all you do always let love lead. I hope my story will
inspire someone out there.
DR Leah Nwachukwu Johnson.
President, World Medical Organization.
Chief Medical Director, Spring Rose Hospitals.

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