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S*x on The Outside 18+


S*x on The Outside 18+


S*x on The Outside 18+

I at that point said harshly however tongue in cheek “Remove your bra”. Shockingly, with little dithering this time, she came to behind her, unfastened her bra, and let it tumble to the ground; uncovering those delightful bosoms that I love to such an extent.

Tonya and I were walking barefoot in the park one night.  It was late…. Just past twilight, and a beautiful night.  About 75 degrees, and a crystal-clear sky.  She was looking awesome as always, wearing a nice t-shirt and short shorts.  We came upon a scenic lookout.  I took out my camera and took a picture of the awesome view.  Tonya asked me if I would tale a picture of her with the view in the background.  The picture was beautiful; Tonya’s pretty face with this awesome view in the background.  I had a devilish idea.  “Take off your shirt”, I asked.  “No way”, was her reply.  “C’mon”, I pushed.  “It’s late, and there’s no one around”.  She continued to say no, but then began to smile a little.  She looked all around to make absolutely sure no one was around and told me to get the camera ready.  We got in the same spot where I took the first picture and she peeled off her shirt to expose a sexy purple bra that I had never seen before (clearly she had already ideas for later).  I just stopped and admired her for a moment, then proceeded to take several pictures of as she struck a few poses for me.  I then beckoned toward her to remove her shorts; hoping that the panties matched the bra.  She again hesitated for a minute, looked around, then quickly removed her shorts; exposing what I hoped for; a beautiful pair of matching purple panties.  I just stared at her again for a moment, then began snapping pictures.  She started making more sexy poses as I photographed her, she was clearly getting into it.  I then said sternly but jokingly “Take off your bra”.  Surprisingly, with little hesitation this time, she reached behind her, unhooked her bra, and let it fall to the ground; exposing those beautiful breasts that I love so much.  I just stood for a minute, shocked; my lovely Tonya standing there in front of me, in the middle of the park, wearing nothing but her sexy purple panties.  I wasted no time, taking several pictures before she changed her mind; she was so beautiful, striking seductive poses there for me.  After several shots I stopped with the pictures.  I expected her to immediately reach for her clothes, but instead she beckoned me toward her.  Without hesitation I went right to her, took her into my arms and gave her a long soft deep kiss.  I then began to run my tongue along her neck as I ran my hands down her back and massaged that beautiful ass of hers through her panties. She backed off after a second and looked around.  There was a nice group of bushes nearby that would mostly hide us from anyone who may come along.  She started heading toward them, giggling, still wearing nothing but her panties; even forgetting to collect the clothes she had already removed.  I grabbed her clothes and followed.

Once hidden from view she immediately began to unbutton my shirt as I massaged her neck and back.  Sliding my shirt off me she slowly began to rub and kiss my chest softly.  She worked her way lower, and then fell to her knees.  She took down my shorts and played with me through my boxers, giggling softly.  She then pulled down my boxers and kissed and licked my hard cock, teasing me.  After several seconds she slowly took it into her mouth. Softly but deftly she worked, taking it in and out of her mouth, sucking softly at first…then picked up the speed a little, it felt sooooo good.  My knees damn near buckled from the pleasure being inflicted on me. After a couple of minutes I had to stop her, not wanting to climax so soon.  I playfully pushed her down onto her back and followed her to the ground.    I gave her a deep kiss before working my way down her chest.  I softly sucked on her nipples while slowly running my hand between her legs.  I sucked at her nipples more as I played with her through her panties as she purred softly.  I then moved my body between her legs and slowly pulled off those beautiful purple panties as she trembled with anticipation.  The bright full moon shined overhead on her now totally nude body as I lowered my face between her legs.  She moaned with pleasure as my tongue softly began working her clit.  Slowly at first, and then a little faster.  I worked my tongue, sucking and licking away as she quivered with delight.  I then slid a finger inside of her, then 2, as I licked away.  I then slid a third finger into her ass as I picked up the pace, licking and sucking her a little faster as my fingers fucked her pussy and ass.  She moaned with pleasure and delight at the work I was doing as I continued, sucking hard on her clit while finger fucking both holes.  After several minutes I stopped and climbed on top of her.  I gave her a long deep kiss, then began to nibble her neck softly.  “I want you inside me now”, she ordered.  Not one to disobey, I slowly slid just the head of my cock in and out of her.  “Stop teasing and fuck me”, she ordered.  Unusual for her to talk dirty like that; I decided to give her what she wanted.  With one smooth motion I slid my cock into her pussy as deep as possible as she yelped with shock and pleasure.  I just held it there for a moment; then began to pump her; slowly at first, and then a little faster, and a little faster as the cried with pleasure.  The moonlight reflected off her beautiful face as I rode her good.  Watching those beautiful breasts bob beneath me as I fucked her…I nearly came right there; but managed somehow to hold off.  After a bit I stopped and instructed her to get on all fours; she was there in a snap.  I knelt behind her; smacked her ass hard and asked her what she wanted.  “I want you inside me pleaseeee”, she begged.  I spanked her again and asked.  “Fuck me please”, she begged.  I spanked her 1 more time then slowly slid inside her as she moaned with pleasure.  Again, slow at first, and then a little faster, and faster yet.  I pumped her hard and fast as she moaned and cried out; It was all she could do to keep from screaming with pleasure as I continued thrusting with all my might.  In and out, again and again, until I could hold off no more.  I buried myself deep and blasted my load inside of her as her whole body shook from the mind-blowing orgasm she received.  I just held myself there for several moments before we both collapsed on the ground together and made out passionately for several minutes.  Then we noticed how dirty we were from rolling around on the ground together.  “Let’s go home and take a shower together”, she suggested.  I readily agreed, who knows where that will lead.

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