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S*x with my Boss 18+


S*x with my Boss 18+


S*x with my Boss 18+

Screw being proficient … her suggestively dismissed body was wracked with want at the simple idea of his solid, manly edge overwhelming her agile, destitute bends!

She knew it wasn’t very professional – although not her actual client, John was the son. This was the first time Anita had met him, as he entered half-way through her home-visit with his elderly mother. From that point onwards, Anita had found it more & more difficult to concentrate on her work. Although John sat quietly alongside his mother on the couch, it was his roaming eyes and appreciative smiles that she began to enjoy way more than she should in this situation. Always professional (though slipping slightly as this visit progressed), Anita had dressed demurely – a tight, white blouse covered by a navy-blue blazer, teamed with a similarly-coloured pencil skirt to below her knees. Being of slight Asian build, the tight-fitting outfit suited her well, without being revealing in any way. Not that she had much to display; small A-cup tits that didn’t even require a bra, and tiny hips. With a late-20’s face that belied her actual age of 41, twinkling eyes, a cute button nose, medium-length straight black hair and a petite figure, Anita knew she definitely wasn’t unattractive. Not a fan of the big city crowds, Anita had many years ago moved well out west where she loved the peace & quiet. But until now, no men in her small country town had even shown even the slightest interest in her.

John was quite the opposite of her. In his early 30’s, he had short blonde hair, with an obvious Scandinavian background, was much taller than her and was very muscular & burly. Being physically intimidating, it was no surprise he worked in security, owning a well-known firm that provided this service for several towns in the wider area. Even before he had started checking her out, Anita had found him extremely attractive. But with the way he kept holding her gaze, before deliberately scanning his eyes up and down her body, it was clear that he very much liked what he saw. Anita was now starting to feel physically hot as the sexual tension between them grew – as much to cool down as to show off to John, she removed her blazer. Smiling back at John while still engaging professionally with his mother, she was intrigued as to John’s latest look of surprise. Although knowing her white blouse was quite fitting, Anita knew the shape of her her tiny A-cup breasts could barely been through it. Sneaking a look downwards during a break in conversation, Anita gasped slightly – her oversized nipples were so hard they were almost poking through the tight fabric!! With her arousal so clearly displayed, she could see why she had given John a most pleasant but unexpected surprise!

Given the very obvious bulge in his work trousers, which Anita naughtily eyed off rather indiscreetly before smiling back at John, he was obviously very turned on by her. Fortunately his elderly mother was completely unaware of the ever-increasing sexual tension between Anita & her son that had grown so strong as to be almost palpable. Even though her client session was drawing to a close which would mean tearing herself away from John, Anita was glad, as she really didn’t know how much more of their raw, sexual flirting she could take – she could already feel the moistness between her tightly pressed-together thighs.

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After wrapping up her session, both John and his mother walked Anita to the front door. After some final instructions and farewell to her elderly client, Anita turned to leave – in doing so, feeling her left side brush firmly over the large bulge in the front of John’s trousers as she squeezed past him out the front door! Giving him a surreptitious wink while waving to them both, Anita climbed into her car, her heart aflutter after physically feeling the effect she had had on hunky John! She had barely managed to maintain her professionalism with his mother during her consultation, but Anita knew beyond a doubt that she had to see John again SOON, but next time just the two of them 😉 Driving off, she couldn’t get John out of her mind – not that she wanted to! For the first time in many, many years, she found her body responding to the fact that a man desired her. And what a man he was! She couldn’t stop thinking about how big & burly he was …. just the type of masculine hunk to whom she would love to submit full control of her lithe Asian body! A shudder ran through her body as while she drove, her mind began to explore erotic possibilities with him …

Heading back towards town, Anita’s thick, rubbery nipples ached as her mind pictured John finally touching her naked body at the culmination of what she would ensure would be an unforgettable first date. Envisioning his big, strong hands grasping her tiny, pert tits, her already-aching nipples began to throb. She wanted him so badly to pull on them, to twist them, to bite on them! With the straight country road empty of other cars, Anita couldn’t stop her left hand from leaving the steering wheel and teasing her oh-so-needy nipples. It felt so damn good … and John’s real attentions would undoubtedly feel so much more arousing. Catching an unfamiliar noise in her car – her moaning! – Anita pinched each of her thick nipples harshly, causing louder groans to escape her lips. She wanted John to treat her roughly, like his own personal fuck-toy, so badly! This thought of his harsh, raw sexual domination of her immediately drew forth a gush of hot juices from her desperate pussy, which completely soaked the front of her black silk panties. No! She couldn’t touch herself there while driving! With her groans becoming louder, Anita forcefully squeezed her turgid nipples and pulled on them even harder to compensate, with each action picturing John himself abusing her thick, needy buds. By the time she approached the outskirts of town, her pussy was screaming from neglect and she had worked herself into such a state of arousal that she knew there was no chance she could make it home – still about 30 minutes – away without fulfilling her desperate need to cum.

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Almost as she passed it, Anita spotted the entrance to a drivers’ rest area and quickly swung off the road into it. Due to the service centre that had opened recently just up the road, this old rest area had become unnecessary and was completely deserted. Parking right down the end, a quick scan revealed no other people nor cars in sight, Anita undid her seatbelt with fumbling fingers, immediately reaching down to pull off her sodden black panties. As her arm rose, she swiped a finger tantalisingly slowly up the length of her dripping slit, causing her to shiver in anticipation … fuck, she NEEDED John to tease her like that, over & over again, without allowing her to cum. Hiking up her skirt, Anita spread her legs wide, her feet pressed into the bottom corners of her windscreen to give best access between her thighs. She so badly wanted John’s face buried there, licking her clit sensuously while his strong, thick fingers pummelled her tight, needy pussy hole. Drawing up her tight white blouse over the top of her bare A-cups, Anita squeezed one nipple while simultaneously smacking her exposed clitty hard, over & over. The pleasure! The pain! Each jolt from her hand caused her over-stimulated clit to send a pulse of wild stimulation rocketing up into the core of her being, where it was met by the hot electric arc shooting in from her abused nipples. She needed – no, craved! – John to cross that fine, fine line separating these intense sensations to combine them for her intense sexual pleasure!

Despite having a strong personality and being fiercely intelligent, the dark secret Anita hid from the world was that she desperately desired her whole sexuality be be controlled and dominated by a burly, well-muscled man – and John fitted her erotic fantasies absolutely perfectly. She wanted to be his good girl, for him to own her, control her pleasure, and most of all right now, to fuck her. Rummaging in her handbag, Anita found her hairbrush. It had a long, hard, black plastic handle – nowhere near as thick as what she was sure John’s huge member would be like, but it was better than her petite fingers! Shoving it into her soaked, craving womanhood as hard as she could, Anita gasped as she imagined John lying on top of her, crushing her under his sweaty, masculine bulk, leaving her struggling to breathe as he thrust his cock harshly into her tiny, tight slit. Grasping harshly at her breasts and digging her fingernails into her now-red tit-flesh, Anita began to gasp as she humped the faux-cock, its length slamming painfully into her cervix as its hardness pleasured her squeezing pussy-walls and sensitive G-spot.

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Groaning “John … John!” between her ragged gasps for breath, Anita edged herself over and over again to the very brink of orgasm, knowing that’s the control he would have over her. Each time she would stop lavishing attention on her desperately-throbbing pussy & nipples moments before wild waves of orgasm would have otherwise crashed over her, leaving her almost crying for release until she returned again to roughly masturbating her lust-wracked body. By now her delicious chocolate-brown nipples had taken their full erogenous form, not overly long, but oh-so-wide and hard that they looked like soda bottle-tops adorning her abused, red tits. Her cunt was raw from the pounding hair-brush handle, Anita knowing that John would want to punish her with endless fucking just so he could make her beg for final release. “Please, John … ” she moaned, pleasuring herself even more roughly. Then “Please … Sir!” escaped her lips, as her mind gave her body completely over to his Mastership. This act of submission finally granted her brain permission to release her own pleasure, and Anita knew there was no possibility of halting the orgasm that ripped through her body like an oncoming freight train, her pussy squirting its sweetness wantonly over the dash of the car again & again, as overwhelming pleasure relentlessly rumbled & rocked her petite frame.

When her multi-orgasmic screaming had finally subsided, Anita opened her eyes to see her tight tits sheened in sweat and her splayed legs shining with dripping pussy juices, “Fuck, John … I’ll always be your good girl.” she breathed, before slowly composing herself for a much more relaxing drive home. A quick check around the car still showed she was alone – thank goodness, as she had a well-earned professional reputation to uphold. Starting the car and then dropping her eyes after checking the rear-view mirror to back out, she jumped as she noticed the small security camera mounted on a pole ahead of her at the edge of the cleared area. “That’ll be decommissioned for budget savings.” thought Anita with some relief, knowing the small local council wouldn’t have the desire or resources to monitor this unused rest area. Peering harder at the camera to verify it was indeed off, Anita gasped with a mixture of horror and arousal as next to the tiny blinking light, she noticed the logo of John’s security company emblazoned upon it …


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